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NFIB Endorses Mike Bost for Congress

Illinois' 12th District needs someone in Congress who will support small business!


VIDEO: Obamacare SHOP exchanges plagued with delays and problems

Obamacare SHOP exchanges plagued with delays and problems


Clearing The Air On A Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

Guest editorial by Nick Smith, small-business coordinator for Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy.


NFIB Endorses Gov. Rick Snyder

Our members support the candidates who support small business.


VIDEO: When Will The Fed Stop Manipulating Prices?

When Will The Fed Stop Manipulating Prices?


Wage Data And Optimism About The Job Market Feed Inflation Debate

Data from NABE and NFIB could increase pressure on the Federal Reserve


2014 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year - NFIB YEF Foundaton

2014 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year - NFIB YEF Foundaton


Phoenix Earns High Marks From NFIB

News Release--City judged one of five best in nation for welcoming small business.


Small Business Headlines

Did the White House Forget About Small Business? | Morning Consult

Date: July 22, 2014

The rise in health care costs has long been a concern for small business and the ACA has done nothing to alleviate those fears. Today, millions of small business owners and the Americans they employ are facing more expensive health care coverage and fewer plan options. Factor in the ongoing delay of the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges in 18 states, now on hold until 2016, and it’s no wonder business owners are finding it nearly impossible to plan for their health insurance future. Furthermore, states have had varied responses to the CMS guidelines on whether and how long small businesses may extend non-ACA compliant policies. The variation between states fragments the system and leaves small business owners with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, it seems even the administration does not have the answers. When asked for basic information on how many small business owners have enrolled in the SHOP exchanges, as House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam

Shawnee Heights High School Student, Entrepreneur Receives Scholarship from NFIB |

Date: July 22, 2014

Zach Haney, a senior at Shawnee Heights, was recognized with the Dan Danner Leadership Award in Washington D.C

California, Kansas, and lessons about taxes | MSNBC

Date: July 22, 2014

“It hurts small business and kills jobs,” warned the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, the National Federation of Independent Business/California, and Joel Fox, president of the Small Business Action Committee.

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