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Pennsylvania Butterfly Farm would Close if Monarch Listed as Endangered

Congress looking at financial harm caused by Endangered Species Act



A fifty percent increase to the cash wage for tipped employees will have a chilling effect and further decrease the confidence ...


Georgia Legislative Update for Jan. 30

Issues the first week of session included transportation, education and health care.


NFIB/Georgia Letter In Support of Senate Bill 2

Senate Bill 2 would improve education for students who may be able to take college level or technical coursework before graduat...


Small Business Day is Feb. 18 in Atlanta

Speakers will include Gov. Nathan Deal, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson and U.S. Rep. Tom Price.



Join NFIB/Texas in our efforts to keep Texas a business friendly state and protect your right to own, operate and grow your sma...


Boise Stop On Federal Balanced Budget Tour

Ohio Gov. John Kasich campaigns on need for states to act on balanced budget amendment.


Small Business Headlines

Overnight Regulation: GOP's small biz bill, take three | TheHill

Date: January 28, 2015

On Monday, Congressman Steve Chabot, Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, reintroduced the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Ac to the House Judiciary Committee. This bill would require government regulators to include direct and indirect impacts in their assessment of a regulation’s overall impact on small businesses. The bill would also require agencies to hold a small business advocacy review panel when a rule impacts a large number of small businesses. In an article by The Hill, NFIB’s Manager of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosh recognized that indirect impacts can be hard to quantify, but said it’s important to know how a rule will fully affect the economy. "In this administration, we often hear agencies talk about the benefits of rules and many times they’re taking into account indirect benefits, so the costs should be calculated the same way." Bosch also said NFIB is hoping to see the regulatory flexibility improvements act reach the House floor in a coupl

Small business agenda: Target taxes, regulations | USA Today

Date: January 28, 2015

USA Today maps out Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot’s priorities as he becomes the chairman of the House Small Business Committee. Kevin Kuhlman, Director of Legislative Affairs for NFIB was quoted applauding the Congressman’s efforts. “Chabot showed his sensitivity to small-business concerns during committee hearings. He asks good, substantive questions and just keeps an open mind and just listens to the answers"

Obama's Big Bid To Change Sick-Leave Laws May Hinge On Small Business | Georgia Public Broadcasting

Date: January 28, 2015

– National Public Radio reported that President Obama’s pitch for mandatory paid sick leave could strain small businesses. Jack Mozloom, spokesman for NFIB, says the proposed mandate would create costs not to mention some losers, too. Big firms can at least absorb the blow, he says. These companies have giant pools of workers they can shuffle around when workers don't show up. But small businesses don't have that advantage. Stay tuned because, with a newly elected Republican Congress, the fight for paid sick leave is sure to get interesting and NFIB will be on the front lines of the battle.

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