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Illinois Governor Signs Crowdfunding Bill

Measure Will Enable Individuals To Invest In State’s Small Businesses


Colorado Official Approves Equity Crowdfunding Rule

State Securities Commissioner OKs Regulations For Colorado Crowdfunding Act


Denver Ranks Top Among US Cities For Business

City Moves Up To Top Spot On Forbes Annual Ranking


Phoenix Seen Gaining Ground In Annual Forbes Ranking

City Places 44th In US For Best Place For Business


5 Lawmakers Achieve 100% NFIB Voting Record

Find out where your legislators stand on small-business issues!


Colorado Springs-Area Member Meeting, August 11

Two state legislators to speak at NFIB event.


Has Uber Changed the Way We Work?

Despite the hype, it turns out the “gig economy” isn’t as influential on the U.S. employment landscape as you might think.


Ohio's First Sales Tax Holiday!

Ohio back-to-school shoppers can soon cash-in...


Small Business Headlines

Lawmakers aim to help people balance work, family |

Date: July 27, 2015

lawmakers in many states think issuing mandates such as paid leave and predictable shift scheduling will help families balance work and family obligations while growing the economy. Although these initiatives seem like the compassionate thing to do, NFIB Media and Communications Director Jack Mozloom reminds readers that one size fits all mandates do not work for all businesses and these policies will hurt many small businesses who cannot afford them. “We don’t argue with the sentiment behind the initiatives, we take issue with the initiatives themselves,” said Mozloom. “The advocates seem to think that every business everywhere of every size can accommodate these benefits, pay these benefits. They can’t.”

@NFIB on Twitter: "This #EPA rule is drowning #smallbiz in regulations. #savemyland"

Date: July 27, 2015

Meet The Teen and NFIB Scholarship Winner Who Pays For College With A Jewelry Business | Huffington Post

Date: July 27, 2015

The NFIB 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year LeiLei Secor continues to make news for her business which has continued as she attends the University of Virginia. Here she shares three tips for young people looking to start their own business.

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