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VIDEO: Small Business Lags Behind in Weak Recovery

Small Business Lags Behind in Weak Recovery


NFIB Endorses 2 Candidates in Aug. 19 Special Election

Our members support the candidates who support small business by taking a fiscally responsible approach to managing state gover...


Do Your Legislators Support Small Business?

Find out by reading the 2013-14 NFIB/Tennessee voting record, which lists how every member of the General Assembly voted on key...


NFIB Endorses Barbara Comstock for Congress

Our members support the candidates who support small business.


So Where Is Wyoming?

Various economic rankings have us all over the map.


NFIB Questions Braley on Minimum Wage

NFIB Vice President Lisa Goeas today called on Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley, who is running for US Senate, to explain how a bi...


State Earns High Ranking for Business Friendliness

CNBC says Nebraska 4th best in the nation.


Job Training Funds Available

Nebraska to receive $4.4 million grant from U.S. Dept. of Labor.


Small Business Headlines

Economists worry rising wages may catch the Fed off guard | Reuters

Date: July 28, 2014

Wages may be growing at a faster clip than envisaged by U.S. policymakers, with a recent raft of business surveys showing an increase in the number of companies raising compensation. One closely watched wage growth measure, a gauge produced by the National Federation for Independent Business, has reached a seven-year high. A turn in this index, which began moving up late last year, historically has been followed by a pick-up in wage growth nine months later. That and evidence of a tightening labor market has some economists worried the Federal Reserve may miss the signs of accelerating wage growth and end up with an inflation problem.

Is A Gap In Small-Business Credit Holding Back The American Economy? | Forbes

Date: July 28, 2014

In addition, most major surveys of small business owners point to credit access being more difficult during the five years since the recession. The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) survey does indicate that not all small businesses have historically been pleased with their access to credit markets, even during the growth period of the late 1990s. But, this data also suggests that small businesses feel that credit access remains tighter today than in the prior recovery, with fewer small businesses reporting that their credit needs are being satisfied.

Economists Worry Rising Wages May Catch the Fed Off Guard -

Date: July 28, 2014

The NFIB gauge is closely correlated with the government's employment cost index, a broad measure of wage growth and one of Yellen's favorite indicators.

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