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From NFIB/Hawaii State Director Melissa Pavlicek

Sick leave bill stalls; Legislature looking at May 7 adjournment.


Colorado House Passes One Minimum Wage Bill, Defeats Second

Measures To Allow Local Minimum Wages, Increase Statewide Wage Face Continued Debate


Minimum Wage Increase Removed From New York Budget

Democrats Vow To Keep Pressure On Lawmakers


California Drought Strains Small Businesses

Water Shortages Could Cost $3 Billion And 20,000 Jobs This Year


NFIB/South Carolinas Applauds State Plan to Repay $1 Billion Federal Loan Early

"This is a big deal, because it's one less thing hanging over the heads of small businesses."



NFIB encouraging legislators to support AB 32 and SB 49 and empower their local small business community by repealing prevailin...


Services Tax Making a Comeback in Florida?

Business-friendly tax cuts were threatened by a return of the services tax this week in Tallahassee.



NFIB calls into question the results of a study released regarding the impact that mandatory paid sick leave has had on busines...


Small Business Headlines

NLRB to weigh in on high-stakes McDonald’s labor dispute | TheHill

Date: March 30, 2015

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administrative law judge on Monday will begin considering whether McDonald’s should be responsible for what employees say are poor working conditions and low pay at many of its franchise restaurants. A finding against McDonald’s would mark the first time a major franchisor would be found responsible for labor violations at individual chains. NFIB Senior Legal Counsel Beth Milito told the Hill, “It’s not going to stop at McDonald’s. This is really an assault on the entire franchise business model." Last year the NLRB ruled that McDonald’s should be treated as a “joint employer,” which is among the most contentious actions ever taken by a labor board.

The Collateral Damage of Microsoft's Paid Sick Leave Plans (NFIB member quoted) |

Date: March 30, 2015

NFIB Media and Communications Director Jack Mozloom told INC that federally mandated paid sick leave amounts to a tax on small businesses that would enforce a “one-size-fits-all” standard on businesses, regardless of size. “Big companies can do what they want, but we oppose a government mandate that requires all employers to provide this benefit,” Jack said. An NFIB member was also mentioned in the article by INC. Kurt Zanelotti is the owner and chief executive of Contract Carpet Systems and Carpetone Retail Store in Beltsville Maryland. “Small business owners are not Microsoft,” Kurt told INC. Kurt has 30 full-time employees and he offers them five days of paid sick leave in addition to their vacation time. Proposed federal requirements go too far and could cost his business an additional $20,000 a year, he said. Kurt added that it may not sound like a lot of money, but given how competitive the contracting industry has become since the recession, every penny counts.

Thune Reintroduces Bill to Repeal Death Tax |

Date: March 30, 2015

The battle to repeal the estate tax -- a tax NFIB members strongly oppose -- made some big strides yesterday. The Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 was reintroduced in the Senate by Senator John Thune and was passed through the House Ways and Means Committee. With approval from the Ways and Means committee, the bill will now be considered by the entire House. Senator Thune and Representative Kevin Brady will be holding a bicameral, bipartisan press conference this morning to talk about the estate tax.

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