Read NFIB’s positions on labor issues affecting small business:

Small business owners know that employees are their most valuable resource. Small business owners work hard to train and retain employees by creating a rewarding workplace. However, government mandates and regulations have made labor issues more complicated than ever.

Small businesses operate differently than large businesses; they do not have human-resources departments to track the changing standards and rules that affect their workforce and workplace.

NFIB urges Congress to simplify the employment process for small business, eliminate burdensome mandates, and prevent cumbersome regulations that inhibit job creation.

Unemployment Insurance Reform

NFIB supports eliminating the Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) “surtax,” lowering the FUTA tax and returning the unemployment insurance system to the states.

The Use of Subcontractors

NFIB supports the Trump Administration’s proposed rule that would return the Department of Labor’s “Joint-Employer” standard to its pre-Obama Administration definition. An employer should not be responsible for the subcontractors hiring-practices. Click here to read NFIB’s comments on the Department of Labor’s proposed rule.

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