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Read NFIB’s positions on labor issues affecting small business:

Small business owners know that employees are their most valuable resource. Small business owners work hard to train and retain employees by creating a rewarding workplace. However, government rules and regulations have made labor issues more complicated than ever.

Small businesses operate differently than large businesses; they do not have human-resources departments to track the changing standards and mandates that affect their workforce and workplace.

NFIB urges Congress to simplify the employment process for small business, eliminate burdensome mandates and prevent cumbersome regulations that inhibit job creation.

NFIB Pushes Back Against Big Labor Agenda

NFIB is greatly concerned about the pro-labor policies the NLRB and U.S. Labor Department have put forward. NFIB is fighting both in Congress and the courts to make sure the NLRB fulfills its original mission to be an impartial moderator between businesses and unions.


Expansion of Family Medical Leave Act

NFIB believes government mandates take away small employers’ and employees’ freedoms to negotiate the benefits package that best meets their mutual needs.


Davis-Bacon Act

NFIB believes small and minority-owned businesses are discouraged from bidding on public projects by the complex and archaic rules set forth by the Davis-Bacon Act.


Project Labor Agreements

In April 2010, the president signed an executive order requiring all government contracts worth over $25 million to adhere to project labor agreements (PLAs), or accords specifying that the contractor must hire only workers represented by the union for the defined job. NFIB believes that PLAs are costly, unfair and should be eliminated.


FLSA/Overtime Reform

NFIB supports updating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to give workers flexibility and to permit employers to reward workers financially for improving productivity and profitability.


Federal Minimum Wage

NFIB opposes efforts to increase the federal minimum wage.



NFIB supports the federal government pursuing a voluntary program to prevent injuries instead of mandatory ergonomic regulations.


Americans with Disabilities Act

Small business supports the goals of the ADA but all too often finds itself on the wrong end of abusive lawsuits. NFIB believes the complexity of the law makes it difficult for small employers to understand how to make the appropriate accommodations.


Unemployment Insurance Reform

NFIB supports eliminating the Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) “surtax,” lowering the FUTA tax and returning the unemployment insurance system to the states.




New NFIB/OHIO Unemployment Handbook Is Available Here!

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