About Nfib

NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect your right to own, operate and grow your business.

What is NFIB?

What is NFIB not?

  • NOT a voice for Big Business:
    •   60% of NFIB members have 5 or fewer employees.
    •   55% of NFIB members report gross sales of $350,000 or less.
  • NOT under the direction of major contributors:
    •   NFIB’s overall membership will always determine NFIB policies.
    •   Each NFIB member gets ONE vote. No exceptions.
    •   To prevent un-due influence by any one member or group, NFIB dues are capped at a maximum of $10,000.

NFIB Member Benefits

Independent and small businesses often suffer from the inability to capitalize on the same discounts and offers that larger businesses thrive on. As an NFIB member, you gain the buying power of all our members combined and the savings that come with it. Access commercial and health insurance, credit card processing, shipping, office supplies, computer bundles, online marketing products and more.

NFIB Foundations

The National Federation of Independent Business’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation, Research Foundation and Small Business Legal Center are mission critical components of NFIB.


Get Started with Your NFIB Membership:

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