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    Small-business owners from across the country have been telling NFIB about their experiences with the Affordable Care Act

Read NFIB’s positions on healthcare reform that affects small businesses.

NFIB is committed to seeking legislative reforms that help small businesses. And, since 1986, our small business members have told us that increasing healthcare costs are their No. 1 problem. NFIB has worked tirelessly to offer solutions and encourage Congress to pursue reforms that will help lower healthcare costs and provide affordable options for small businesses.

Understanding the New Healthcare Law

The new healthcare legislation was signed into law March 23, 2010, leaving many small business owners wondering: What does this mean for me? What do I have to do now? NFIB has answers.


The Healthcare Playbook: A Small Business Guide to PPACA

This printable document provides details about the timeline of new fees and regulations set to take effect, as well as information about whether these provisions will affect you and your business.


Legislative Activity

NFIB opposed the Obama administration’s healthcare law because we believe it increases costs for small businesses. We remain committed to helping small-business owners plan and comply with this new law, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. NFIB continues to advocate for legislative proposals like repealing the small-business health insurance tax and the employer mandate provision.


Healthcare Policy Research

Our Research Foundation has done extensive work on healthcare policy, including a groundbreaking study that tested nine reform scenarios and their effect on small business. Other research looks at possible remedies for rising healthcare costs, the effects of an employer mandate and more.




GAO Says Early ACA Enrollments Under SHOP Program Are Lower Than Expected

76,000 People Have Enrolled Under Program As Of June 1

114th Congress

What Small Business Can Expect From the New Congress

From healthcare to regulations, we look at what the 2014 midterm election results mean for your small business.


Scorecard: What's Good and Bad for Small Businesses?

Recent developments in Obamacare regulations, student loan debt and small business expensing get ranked from bad to good.

2014 Elections

Mia Love Takes a Stand

Congressional candidate Mia Love of Utah makes a ‘moral case’ for business ownership.


NFIB Looks Ahead to the 2015 Congressional Session

Tax and regulatory reform remain top priorities for small business.


$783 Million Tax Expansion Blocked

Helped block a bipartisan tax reform package that would have provided relief in some taxes but hiked the sales tax, meals & lod...

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