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NFIB/Indiana Element 212 Young Entrepreneur Award Winner Profile: Alexander Gottwald of GottSno Enterprises LLC

Alexander Gottwald received a Young Entrepreneur Award from NFIN for his successful snocone business, Gottsno Enterprises LLC i...


Entrepreneurship Week Comes to Indiana

Small business owners can participate in workshops to increase sales and productivity, from learning accounting software to boo...


Small Business Owner to Congress: Obamacare Cause of Great Anger and Frustration

NFIB Member Dr. Joe Sergio, South Bend, Ind., testifies in front of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee.

Indiana Small Business News

  • THAT FLOOD WATER SITTING AROUND MAY SOON BE SUBJECT TO EPA REGULATIONThe Clean Water Act was implemented to govern navigable waterways, not every place where water could possibly flow or pool.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS COMMENT ON SCOTUS DECISION TO UPHOLD ACA SUBSIDYsole purpose was to allow for subsidized health insurance...

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  • Small Business Backs Pence in Asking for Some Breathing Room on Clean Air RulesIndiana will not comply with the new regulation until the rule is considerably changed.

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  • Fight For 15 Will Result In Lost Jobs and a Culture of ComplacencyIf you raise wages from the bottom, gone will be the days of starting with a training wage and working your way up.

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    Indiana Small Business Issues

  • Protect Your Business from Hefty Obamacare FinesIf you reimburse your employees for healthcare, new IRS penalties could be coming for you.

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  • Business Personal Property TaxNFIB is looking for common sense. We need to eliminate the tax for the filers that don't pay enough in tax to cover the cost of processing the return.

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