NFIB Webinar
Wednesday, August 29th at 12pm ET

6 Ways to Use Local SEO for Your Small Business

Sponsored by Kabbage

During this webinar you will learn:

    • A few basics that you need to be found online
    • Ways to leverage your community events to help your local SEO
    • Tools to help you manage your local presence
    • Local SEO on a budget, how can i do it without spending $$$$


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Technology Trends Critical for Small Businesses

Aug 23, 2017
51% of shoppers in the US prefer to buy online. Small businesses that are not participating stand to lose out on sales. Don’t feel unsecure: Data security is vital for your organization’s success. Security is a top concern for most businesses and organizations. Discover how enabling a modern workforce, while adopting a comprehensive security approach will increase productivity and reduce costs in the workplace.

The Importance of Branding: Best Practices for Companies of Any Size

Aug 9, 2017
Few companies devote more resources to branding, advertising and marketing efforts than automakers like FCA US LLC. After all, it takes name recognition to compete on a global scale, especially in the auto industry. The branding philosophies that underlie iconic names like Jeep®, Dodge and Chrysler are not reserved only for Fortune 500 companies, however. Even small, independent and local businesses can benefit from consistency in branding and messaging.

New Member Webinar

New to NFIB? Get acclimated to your membership in this concise yet comprehensive webinar designed for you! Keeping in mind that time is of the essence for our members, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the most of your membership in just 10 minutes, followed by Q&A’s. Learn how you can save money and even offset the cost of membership through our preferred provider benefit programs, make your voice heard through advocacy opportunities, network with other NFIB members, and the many other resources available to you as a member.

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NFIB 2016 Obamacare Update and Outlook

Mar. 2, 2016
Which taxes were delayed and what will the impact be for small businesses? What are the employer mandate mechanics and compliance responsibilities for small, midsize, and large businesses? What are some of the recently prohibited practices for employee benefits and how can changes be made to come into compliance? What other deadlines exist this year? What is the forecast for further changes and relief in 2016?

Obamacare at 5 Years – What Small Businesses Need to Know for 2015 and Beyond

Apr 29, 2015
New insurance policy requirements, new employer offering and compliance requirements, and new taxes have either been implemented or been administratively delayed. Which requirements have begun? Which requirements have been delayed? When will those delayed requirements actually be implemented?

The In's and Out's, Do's and Don'ts for Health Insurance Open Enrollment This Year - Free NFIB Webinar

Oct 22, 2014
In this webinar you will learn about what to do and what not to do during the open enrollment period for health insurance that begins on Nov 15th of this year. Learn about how to shop ON and OFF the government Exchanges and what to do and not do when shopping. Learn about the NFIB Private Health Insurance Exchange and how if differs from the government Exchange. Educate yourself so you have the right tools and knowledge going into open enrollment.

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Dec 6, 2017
This webinar will focus IRS reporting requirements as imposed by the ACA. Whether an employer is a large employer, small employer or somewhere in-between we will cover topics around the methods, penalties and enforcement surrounding these requirements that pertain to any employer.

How can Section 179 help you save on your business taxes?

Oct 11, 2017
Tax rules can impact major business decisions like purchases and investments. Prioritize learning more about your small business taxes to help prevent unexpected expenses and help you more efficiently and effectively run your business year-round. In this webinar Kabbage’s head of Tax, Daniel Eidson, will cover pertinent information about the Section 179 tax code that can help you take advantage of applicable deductions that can improve your savings come tax season.

Federal Tax Changes for 2015

As the 2016 tax season gets underway, it is important to review some of the significant changes in federal tax law affecting your business that took place in 2015. While the majority of the year was plagued by gridlock, Congress was able to pass a significant tax relief bill that made many expiring tax deductions permanent and extended others for multiple years. However, Congress also made changes to business and employee filing dates and increased some tax penalties. Join NFIB’s national office, for a discussion on how these significant tax law updates will impact your small business. We will cover the new deductions available to your business, new tax compliance deadlines and penalties, and look at your employer health care responsibilities.

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Payment Processing 101: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Jan 31, 2018
Taking credit and debit cards for payment is an expected part of business but how much do you really know about your rates, fees, products and solutions. Join NFIB’s Member Benefit for payment processing, TSYS, to learn the basics and ask questions about fees, rates, interchange, EMV and more.

Is Online Lending Safe?

Apr. 19, 2017
Join us for webinar as Sam Taussig, Head of Policy and Community Banking for online lender Kabbage, explains the online lending options available, best practices to find safe online lenders and tools to understand the total cost of borrowing funds when comparing valid lending options.

How Online Lending Can Work for Your Business

May 18, 2016
Running a business is hard work, but getting funding shouldn’t be. Access to working capital is crucial for you to fill cash flow gaps, hire employees, buy inventory or invest in equipment. With so many lending options available, it can be confusing to determine the right lender – and right time – for funding. Join us as Kathryn Petralia, COO of Kabbage Inc., sheds light on how small businesses can get the funding they need quickly and securely.

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2017 Labor & Employment Law Update for Small Business

Jul 26, 2017
Over the past year, state legislatures have passed a slew of employment laws that impact small employers across the country. Find out how new laws and enforcement of existing federal and state labor and employment rules impact your small business and how to avoid lawsuits and employee complaints by keeping workplace policies up-to-date.

Maintaining Your Business (small or big) Union Free -Know Your Rights! - Free NFIB Webinar

Sept 17, 2014
This webinar will provide a detailed yet uncomplicated look at how union organizing has traditionally worked as well as a discussion of how modern day organizing tactics by unions is evolving. Webinar attendees will walk away with practical information on the Do's and Don'ts if faced with an organizing drive at your business and most importantly some practical tips on how to prevent organizing from ever taking place at your business.

Intellectual Property for Today’s Small Business - Free NFIB Webinar

July 16, 2014
If you think intellectual property rights are only for technology companies or large organizations with expansive resources, think again. There are cost conscious, reasonable steps that can and should be taken by independent companies to add value to their business and to protect their creations, particularly in this era of online counterfeits and scams.


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