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Small Business Economic Trends

NFIB Small Business Economic Trends, July 2014

“Foiled again!” The Optimism Index can’t seem to muster a run longer than 3 months. After a promising first half run, the Index fell 1.6 points to 95.0, ending another false start for the Index’s “road to recovery”. The Index did manage to stay above 95, which seemed to be a ceiling on the Index since the recovery started. The good news is that the job components improved again, reaching levels seen only in strong private sector economic times. The bad news is that capital outlays and planned spending faded along with expectations for improving business conditions.
.  JUly 2014 Report

New Tax Survey

New small business tax study

NFIB's Research Foundation randomly sampled 12,500 NFIB members between mid-November and mid-December, 2012 and asked them about a range of issues concerning the current federal tax code. Here's how small business owners responded about how much taxes impact their ability to operate their businesses.
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