Small Business Trends and Research

Small Business Economic Trends Survey (SBET)

The NFIB Research Center releases a Small Business Economic Trends (SBET) data on the second of Tuesday each month. Review the current survey report to learn the outcomes and challenges small business owners are facing.



Jobs Report

A monthly SBET jobs report emphasizing the overall health and operation of the economy, including employment, labor costs, budgets, and more




SBET Quarterly
Industry Report

A quarterly Small Business Economic Trends industry report highlighting the construction, manufacturing, retail, and services industries




COVID-19 Small Business
Survey Series

A series of COVID-19 related surveys assessing the impact of the health crisis on small business operations




NFIB Banking Survey Part II: August 2023

This report is a follow-up to the banking survey NFIB released in April 2023, one month after the banking failures and one year into the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. Small business owners were again asked about their financing activities and their experience in accessing credit. The health of the financial system is essential to small business operations, and this report offers insight into how well it is serving their small business clients.


Additional Survey:
NFIB Banking Survey Part I: May 2023

The U.S. Debt and Debt Limit Explained

What is the U.S. debt, how long until the U.S. hits the debt cliff, how is that determined, and what exactly does that mean? Here are some answers.


NFIB Small Business Problems and Priorities

This is the tenth edition of this publication. The volumes are among the NFIB Research Foundation’s most popular publications and therefore have become a staple.


NFIB Small Business and Inflation

Small employers were asked a series of questions on how the current state of inflation is impacting their business. This survey was conducted from June 31 – July 7.


NFIB Research’s Monthly Newsletter

November 2023

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Small Business Economic Trends survey. The balloons, cake and streamers are ready for the party, but unfortunately small business owners are not in the mood to celebrate. The Optimism Index decreased 0.1 points in October to 90.7. This is the 22nd consecutive month below the 50-year average of 98. The last time the Index was at or above the average was December 2021. Of the 10 index components, five increased, two decreased, and three were unchanged.


Small Business Tax Surveys

Small Business
Tax Surveys

Learn how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected small businesses in recent years. Read the surveys here.

Forbes Articles

Bill Dunkelberg Forbes Articles

NFIB’s Chief Economist offers expert advice on small business practices. Read the Forbes articles here.

More Small Business Research

More Small Business Research

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