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NFIB’s Duggan: Assessing the Obama Presidency

In less than five months, President Obama will leave office and historians will begin to assess his accomplishments and failure...

federal ballot

NFIB’s Duggan: Vote Your Federal Member Ballot Today

The newest Federal Member Ballot is ready for your vote! The ballot results determine NFIB's position on key small business iss...


NFIB’s Duggan: Small Business and the Republican National Convention

Small business is the key to America's economic strength, and it should be a major issue in the campaign.


NFIB’s Duggan: Who Will Small Business Voters Support?

Both Trump and Clinton claim to be focused on helping small business, and NFIB certainly hopes that's true. But crowd-pleasing ...


NFIB’s Duggan: Government Working Overtime to Complicate Small Business

The White House is expected next week to approve a new version of the overtime rule that could affect millions of small busines...


NFIB’s Duggan: Our Research Proves Garland Is Not a Moderate

President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, has a record that speaks for itself. He's a judge who believes ...

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