NFIB Makes a Difference on Election Day 

Date: November 07, 2019

Tuesday was Election Day, and we saw the balance of power in several states shift. The results reinforce the importance of small business involvement not just on Election Day, but all year long. 

I hope you took the time to get out there and cast a ballot in the locations where elections were held. Off-year elections are critical to setting the tone for the big contests coming up next year, and there’s a lot you can do to make our voice heard before the 2020 election. A lot is at stake for small business, and every vote counts, no matter the size and scope of the campaign. 

Elections are a business decision. Federal and state leaders influence everything from national laws to local ordinances that can keep you from expanding, or in the worst of cases, put you out of business entirely. In many states, your choices for officials in the legislative and executive branches influence the types of judges serving in the judiciary. So your choice matters not only for what the laws say, but also for how they are interpreted. 

To help you make pro-small business choices on Election Day, NFIB’s PACs endorse hundreds of national candidates and thousands at the state level. We spend a lot of time all year long finding and supporting candidates who are the most friendly to small business. You can learn more about that process by watching the video available here

Of course, there’s no better way to ensure your elected leaders are a friend to small business than to cast a vote for an NFIB member. Currently, 26 NFIB members serve in Congress, and more than 400 work on your behalf in state legislatures. 

Don’t have a small business owner on your ballot? Consider running for office yourself. NFIB encourages members to step into the political arena. For those who are able to do so, it’s a great way to serve the community and ensure public policy is favorable to entrepreneurs. NFIB offers a number of resources to help members who wish to undertake that journey. 

Not everyone can afford to step away from their business to run, but there are so many ways you can help pro-small business candidates. You can get involved by attending our fly-ins to talk to your representatives in Washington, take part in state small business days in your state capital, and much more. Check out our new Political Action Guide to learn more. But no matter what you do, the best way to be a small business voter is make sure the Nov. 3, 2020 election is marked on your calendar. That way, you’ll be sure to have your voice heard. 


Juanita D. Duggan


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