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Minnesota Ranks in the Top 5 for Millennial Startups

New Experian study reveals Minnesota as a top startup spot for young entrepreneurs.


What Minnesota's Huge Health Insurance Hikes Mean for Small Business Owners

Some premiums are increasing by as much as 49 percent.


Stop Wasting Money on These Tech Purchases

Spend your business' money on technology that actually helps your company.

Minnesota Small Business News

  • SUCCESS LIES AHEAD FOR SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYSmall Business Saturday is the perfect chance for holiday shoppers to support their local merchants.

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  • MORE SO THAN EVER, SHOPPERS PLANNING TO VISIT A SMALL BUSINESS THIS WEEKENDThe concept of fighting over electronics a few minutes after finishing a holiday meal is ridiculous.

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  • TAX CLIMATE HIGHLIGHTS HARSH FISCAL REALITY OF KEEPING MINNESOTA COMPETITIVEThe fact that we remain in the bottom ten of this survey with the very low ranking of 47th best state should be a wakeup call.

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  • Minnesota Ranks in the Top 5 for Millennial StartupsNew Experian study reveals Minnesota as a top startup spot for young entrepreneurs.

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  • NFIB Minnesota Member Q&A: Bill Gullickson of Phyton CorporationPresident and CEO Bill Gullickson shares what he loves about running a small business, his take on the state's business climate and more.

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    Minnesota Small Business Issues

  • NFIB Demands Action on Small Business ExpensingThis week, NFIB wrote a letter to Congressional Leadership urging them to act immediately on small business expensing. Join the effort by contacting your representatives now.

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  • Preserve Subcontractor and Franchisee IndependenceMillions of small subcontractors and franchisees are worried that because of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling they could lose control of their business and new business opportunities due to the new joint employer standard. This NLRB ruling fundamentally changes the joint employer rules and could be devastating to franchise and subcontracting businesses. Tell Congress to Preserve Subcontractor and Franchisee Independence.

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