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  • INFOGRAPHIC: A Building Tidal Wave of Regulations4 ways the small business regulatory burden has gotten out of control.

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  • Here’s What Business Owners Think of Minnesota’s Business ClimateA new survey has disappointing results for Minnesota business owners

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  • Rising Drug Costs Spur Minnesota Small Businesses into Tiered Copay SystemA new report details the means to which businesses go to provide health care to their employees

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  • Paid Sick Leave Rears Its Ugly Head in MinneapolisThe wide-reaching ordinance affects more workers than you might expect.

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  • A Tax Hike Would Run Us Off The Rails, Owners SayMinnesota's small business would suffer under a new public transit proposal.

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  • Dayton Disappoints Small Business, Many Other Taxpayers With Tax Bill VetoThe bill could be re-passed in a special session, but the governor appears to be holding this tax bill hostage, trying to link it to bigger, more polarizing issues.

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