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  • Another Tax Owners Are Hoping to AvoidThe gas tax debate paves a bumpy road for the remainder of the legislative session.

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  • The Star Tribune Released a Surplus Plan—But Did They Get it Right?Minnesota’s largest paper released its ideas for the state’s budget surplus. How friendly is their plan to small business though?

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  • NFIB Scorecard Proves Garland Is Not a Friend of Small BusinessNFIB examined Judge Garland's decisions in hundreds of cases, and the findings shatter the claim that the Supreme Court nominee is a down-the-middle moderate. The full scorecard details Garland's anti-business decisions, and the "quick facts" version provides an overview of his record.

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  • Small Business Responds to Big Tax CreditA nearly $300 million rebate gives a much-needed boost to small businesses.

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  • Unprecedented Paid Leave Law Could Come to MinnesotaProposed legislation would create the most generous paid leave policy in the country.

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  • 5 Surprising Business Lessons You Can Learn from Mick JaggerIt's (not) only rock 'n' roll. How the Rolling Stones' singer helped create a business empire.

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