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Soaring Small Business Health Insurance Premiums to Continue Rising in 2016

New survey shows two out of three small business owners paid more for health insurance this past year--and 2016 will be even pr...


An Update From Your NFIB/Iowa State Director

Learn about the caucuses--then educate your employees.


Is Iowa Over-Licensing its Small Biz Owners?

Iowa licenses more of its workers than any other state. Two women fight back with a lawsuit.

Iowa Small Business News

  • SUCCESS LIES AHEAD FOR SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYSmall Business Saturday is a great opportunity for shopkeepers to really shine.

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  • MORE SO THAN EVER, SHOPPERS PLANNING TO VISIT A SMALL BUSINESS THIS WEEKENDPeople are finally wising up to the absurd concept and realizing that using small businesses for holiday shopping is a much more civilized experience.

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  • Is Iowa Over-Licensing its Small Biz Owners?Iowa licenses more of its workers than any other state. Two women fight back with a lawsuit.

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  • Iowa Report Stresses Need for Educated WorkersTwo-thirds of jobs in state to require more than a high-school diploma, study says.

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  • IOWA SMALL BUSINESS EXPECTS MORE FROM CANDIDATES THAN WISHFUL THINKINGOn the eve of the Democratic debate at Drake University when much is being made of a new nationwide push to raise the minimum wage rate to $15 an hour.

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  • NATIONAL SURVEY MIRRORS SMALL BUSINESS OWNER SENTIMENT IN IOWAThe National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Optimism Index remains stuck at a below average reading of 96.1

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    Iowa Small Business Issues

  • NFIB Demands Action on Small Business ExpensingThis week, NFIB wrote a letter to Congressional Leadership urging them to act immediately on small business expensing. Join the effort by contacting your representatives now.

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  • Preserve Subcontractor and Franchisee IndependenceMillions of small subcontractors and franchisees are worried that because of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling they could lose control of their business and new business opportunities due to the new joint employer standard. This NLRB ruling fundamentally changes the joint employer rules and could be devastating to franchise and subcontracting businesses. Tell Congress to Preserve Subcontractor and Franchisee Independence.

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