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Is "Brain Drain" Hurting Iowa Businesses?

State looks to encourage youth to stick around after graduation.


Infographic: How EMV Cards Will Affect Small Business

Starting October 1, 2015, business owners will be responsible for fraud liability if they don't accept EMV cards. Here's some b...

Iowa Small Business News

  • Iowa Small Business Cheers Temporary Court Victory over EPA on Waters RuleNational Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) applauds 6th Circuit decision blocking WOTUS enforcement in all states

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  • Is "Brain Drain" Hurting Iowa Businesses?State looks to encourage youth to stick around after graduation.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS WELCOMES PRESIDENT OBAMA TO IOWA AND DEMANDS AN EXPLANATIONSmall business in the state would much rather hear the President explain his theory on how small employers can afford higher labor costs.

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    Iowa Small Business Issues

  • Save Subcontractors and FranchiseesMillions of small subcontractors and franchisees are worried that because of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling they could effectively lose their business to the new joint employer standards. This NLRB ruling fundamentally changes the joint employer rules and could be devastating to franchise and subcontracting businesses. Tell Congress to Save Subcontractors and Franchisees.

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  • Are Your Representatives Fighting the Latest Obamacare Penalty?Tell Congress to protect small businesses from the latest catastrophic Internal Revenue Service penalties created in the healthcare law.

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