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  • Governor Willing to Consider Minimum Wage HikeNFIB/Iowa says raising the minimum wage will only hurt businesses and kill jobs.

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  • Iowa Construction Businesses Plan to ExpandMost also expect cost of healthcare to rise.

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  • Are You OSHA Compliant in 2016?Keeping up with ever-changing OSHA requirements is no small task, especially with a slew of new rules for 2016. NFIB's free on-demand webinar will get you on the right track and help you avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS IMPLORES SENATE TO FOLLOW EXAMPLE SET BY HOUSEHouse leaders saw the importance of cleaning up the mess that this year’s budget proposal has left for the business community and we are imploring the Senate to do the same.

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  • Agriculture Still Plays Major Role in Iowa LegislatureNew study breaks down state legislators' occupations to find out who really works for the people.

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