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  • SMALL BUSINESSES ON RETIREMENT PLANNING: THE STATE HAS ENOUGH MONEY TO MISMANAGE AS IT ISOverwhelming opposition to any type of state administered retirement plan.

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  • UNPREDICTABILITY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES FORCING ENTREPRENEURS OUT OF CONNECTICUTAnother member of NFIB is calling into question the finance committee’s misguided proposal.

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  • NFIB HIGHLIGHTS DIRE CONSEQUENCES OF TAX PACKAGE TO SMALL BUSINESSES ACROSS THE BOARDLawmakers will have you believe that these tax increases can go unnoticed by consumers but our members are imploring the public not believe the hype.

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  • CONNECTICUT LAWMAKERS WEAKENING WORK FORCE WITH BAD BUDGET PROPOSALTaxing services that have previously remain untouched will do nothing more than continue to lead to good, hardworking entrepreneurs being driven out of Connecticut.

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