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  • LABOR COSTS TO INCREASE THANKS TO OVERTIME RULESalaried Workers Likely to be Pushed Into Hourly Jobs

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  • BUDGET DEAL LEAVES SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY LOOKING TO THE FUTURE FOR LONG TERM ECONOMIC SOLUTIONThe legislature convened a special session this week when they failed to come to a budget agreement to close the $1 billion deficit during regular session.

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  • RETIREMENT MANDATE BIRTHED IN HOUSE TACKLED BY SENATEIn response to the debate currently being taken up in the Senate, the following comments may be attributed to National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Connecticut state director, Andrew Markowski:

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  • COST TO DO BUSINESS INCREASES AS SENATE FINDS YET ANOTHER WAY TO DESTROY SMALL BUSINESS AND KILL JOBSNFIB Calls Upon Lawmakers to Focus on Education and Job Training and Stay Out of Day to Day Operations of Employers

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  • WHAT’S ANOTHER BILLION DOLLARS FOR CONNECTICUT TAX PAYERS?According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Connecticut and its economy would have been better off allowing private investment companies to compete for those retirement assets.

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  • SOON THERE WONT BE ANYONE LEFT IN CONNECTICUT THAT CAN AFFORD $15 AN HOUR ANYWAYMinimum Wage Rate Is For Entry Level Positions Not Feeding Families

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