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  • SMALL BUSINESS OPTIMISM PLATEAUS AS UNCERTAINTY IN HARTFORD LOOMSThis month’s survey clearly shows that small business owners have gone into maintenance mode.

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  • AT LEAST WE AREN’T LAST? SMALL BUSINESS TAX RANKING PLACES CONNECTICUT ON BOTTOM RUNGOur members know all too well how expensive and onerous the tax system is on small businesses in Connecticut.

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  • PEACE OF MIND ON THE HORIZON FOR SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITYIt’s vital that lawmakers have a better grasp on the impact their policy changes have on the small business community.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS NOT EXACTLY SHOCKED BY PROPOSED PREMIUM INCREASESWhen the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, the small business community was repeatedly assured that insurance premiums would not skyrocket.

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  • LABOR COSTS TO INCREASE THANKS TO OVERTIME RULESalaried Workers Likely to be Pushed Into Hourly Jobs

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  • BUDGET DEAL LEAVES SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY LOOKING TO THE FUTURE FOR LONG TERM ECONOMIC SOLUTIONThe legislature convened a special session this week when they failed to come to a budget agreement to close the $1 billion deficit during regular session.

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