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  • SMALL BUSINESS REACTION TO GOVERNOR MALLOY’S STATE OF THE STATEIn response to Governor Malloy’s State of the State remarks, the following statement may be attributed to Andrew Markowski

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  • ANTICIPATED CUTS TO STATE SPENDING ESSENTIAL SAYS STRUGGLING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERSReports began to surface that in addition to fulfilling his promise not to propose any new taxes, Governor Malloy intends to call for a 5.75 percent budget cut.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH LAWMAKERS AT LOCAL ROUND TABLEMembers of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and other local small business owners participated in a pre-session legislative roundtable with lawmakers Senator Kevin Witkos (R) and Representative John Hampton (D) last week at Simsbury Bank.

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  • HEY CONNECTICUT! 12.6% OF WHAT YOU EARN TODAY IS BEING TAKEN RIGHT OUT OF YOUR POCKETS BY IRRESPONSIBLE LAWMAKERSIts difficult to see rankings like this knowing that since 2012, things have only gotten worse.

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  • SMALL BUSINESS REJECTS PANELS RECOMMENDATIONS AND IMPLORES MALLOY TO DO THE SAMEThe following remarks may be attributed to NFIB Connecticut state director, Andrew Markowski in reaction to the Governor's Transportation Finance Panel recommendations

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  • SMALL BUSINESS AND GOVERNOR MALLOY FINALLY AGREE ON SOMETHING: BOTH ARE DISAPPOINTEDUndermining the economic confidence that businesses of any size have in this state is the surest way to stifle job growth and send the economy into a tail spin.

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