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INFOGRAPHIC: Minimum Wage Myths Busted

A look at the facts behind five common claims.


Business and Worker Protections Struck Down in Court

NFIB expects higher court to uphold law, however.


Best CO City to Start a Business

Littleton tops new list.

Colorado Small Business News

  • Single-Payer Healthcare makes the November ballotThe aim of Colorado Care is to replace all private insurance, workers' compensation coverage, and small group coverage with a government-administered plan.

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  • NFIB Scorecard Proves Garland Is Not a Friend of Small BusinessNFIB examined Judge Garland's decisions in hundreds of cases, and the findings shatter the claim that the Supreme Court nominee is a down-the-middle moderate. The full scorecard details Garland's anti-business decisions, and the "quick facts" version provides an overview of his record.

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  • NFIB/Colorado: Ban the boxHB 1388 would prohibit an employer from requiring disclosure of a criminal conviction on a job application.

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    Colorado Small Business Issues

  • Congress Is Considering Legislation to Stop New Overtime RuleYou can help! Encourage your representatives to co-sponsor legislation to protect small business and their employees from the burdensome overtime rule proposed by the Department of Labor.

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  • 2016 Challenges in the Colorado LegislatureA look ahead at the small-business agenda.

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