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No one has greater incentive, responsiblity or ability to lead an economic recovery than America’s small business owners – more than 350,000 of whom are NFIB members. Therefore, lawmakers have a special obligation to ensure that public policies help spur economic growth by taking into account the unique perspective of those who are are owning and operating a small business in America.

Small businesses play a major role in the American economy:

  • Represents 99% of all employer firms
  • Employ about half of private-sector employees
  • Generated 60% to 80% of net new jobs annually over the last decade
  • Create more than half of nonfarm private gross domestic product (GDP)

Learn more about small business economic trends by visiting our Research Foundation.

Government Spending

Small business is the source of job creation, but economic growth will be stalled if Congress continues unchecked spending while increasing taxes and placing new mandates on America’s job creators.




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