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Owning a small business often means wearing every possible hat available, from marketer to sales clerk and inventory manager to HR professional. Learn from the experiences of the small business owners who are NFIB members as well as the best experts for each industry. Below you will find small business tips for everything from taxes and regulation to promotion and networking.

How to Start a Business in the New Year

Posted On: December 23, 2016

With a new year starting, optimism is high, which makes this a perfect time to plan if you’re starting a new business. All businesses (and owners) are different, and there’s no clear-cut, easy path to starting a small business. If there was, a lot more people would be small business owners. It takes dedication, ambition, and a whole lot of planning. Still,...

Infographic: Consumers Reveal How They Feel About Small Business’ Use of Technology

Posted On: December 21, 2016

Incorporating technology into your business isn’t just an option for small businesses in the digital age—it’s a requirement.  A recent Time Warner Cable technology survey shows that a lack of web or digital presence can really negatively affect small businesses and lessen consumer confidence. Here are examples of how consumers view a business’ online and social presence, along with tips for how...

The Importance of Research in Marketing

Posted On: December 21, 2016

Content contributed by: Todd Rimer, President & CEO, Element212 LLC and NFIB Member The term “marketing” is the ability to put a specific message in front of your ideal customer that gets them interested and excited about your company’s products and services.  It is the act of pre-framing potential prospects and preparing them to buy from you before contact is even made....

Video: 3 Tips to Take Your Networking to the Next Level

Posted On: November 30, 2016

Tired of stale post-work cocktail hours or power lunch events that just won’t end? We don’t blame you. Networking can be arduous, but it doesn’t always have to feel like a chore. The three ideas below take a lot of the pain out of networking—and you might even end up having some fun.  ...

Checklist: What to Do Now to Get Your Taxes in Order

Posted On: November 23, 2016

For small business owners, year-end can signal a time of relief. Hopefully you’ll have a busy, successful fourth quarter, and spend some holiday time with family and friends. But year-end also means tax season is right around the corner. The good news? There’s still time to prepare and find ways to trim your tax bill. Getting your taxes in order in advance...

The 2016 Marketing Guide to Your Best Holiday Sales Yet

Posted On: November 21, 2016

There’s no time like the pre-holiday season for testing the use of new marketing tools and tactics.  “Facebook advertising is going to be a huge part of our holiday marketing strategy,” says Joe Brusca, the owner of BathVault, a bathroom fixture business in Lewes, Delaware. Brusca says not enough small businesses are taking advantage of the social network’s ability to target...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Local Small Business Association

Posted On: November 17, 2016

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of finding value in every decision you make. You need a return on any investment that will benefit your business, because what’s good for your business is good for you and your employees. If you’ve recently joined a local small business association or are considering a membership, be sure to take advantage...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Advertising this Holiday Season

Posted On: November 10, 2016

The holidays can be the busiest – and most expensive – marketing period of the year, and this year is no exception. Coming off a busy summer where the 2016 Rio Olympics dominated ad sales, the 2016 Presidential Election has continued the trend of climbing advertising costs with record-breaking viewership for all three debates. This perfect storm of media activity...

Four Holiday Card Alternatives

Posted On: November 01, 2016

The holiday season is traditionally a time for sending and receiving holiday cards, both personal and professional. Many business owners send cards to their clients and customers, suppliers, and others, which can become a large expense from both a time and money perspective. Fortunately, there are plenty of cost-effective, valuable, and environmentally friendly options that recipients will appreciate just as...

3 Ideas for Promoting Your Business on Small Business Saturday

Posted On: October 25, 2016

Small Business Saturday 2016 is Nov. 26. This national event is a great way to bring customers into your business and encourage them to shop local. Three small business owners who have successfully participated share their experiences here. Team up with other local businesses to cross-promote. Katy Kassian, owner of Buffalo Gals Mercantile in Regan, North Dakota, struggles with visibility as a business owner in a rural area....

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