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Owning a small business often means wearing every possible hat available, from marketer to sales clerk and inventory manager to HR professional. Learn from the experiences of the small business owners who are NFIB members as well as the best experts for each industry. Below you will find small business tips for everything from taxes and regulation to promotion and networking.

Top 7 Survival Skills Any Business Can Learn from Small Town Businesses

Posted On: April 17, 2012

Guest Column by Becky McCray Becky McCray shares more lessons useful for urban and rural business in the new book, Small Town Rules, written with Chicago entrepreneur Barry Moltz. She also owns a liquor store and a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, in the U.S., and is a recognized expert in small business and social media. She publishes the popular website,...

How to Prevent 3 Types of Embezzlement

Posted On: January 05, 2012

Although many small business owners think embezzlement can’t happen in their company, it’s more common than you might think. It tends to happen more often during the holidays and at times when people have greater financial needs. Here’s how you can detect and prevent 3 common forms of embezzlement: 1. Bloated Work Hours Jeffrey Vallens, a criminal defense lawyer in Los...

Why You Shouldn't Apologize to Customers

Posted On: October 31, 2011

Small business owners have the natural instinct to ensure their employees and customers have the best possible experience working for or doing business with their companies. Of course, that experience won’t be positive for everyone. A negative experience can result in a complaint from an employee or customer, or, in extreme cases, a lawsuit. Whether they’re facing sexual harassment allegations,...

What to Look for in an Equity Partner

Posted On: October 27, 2011

Like any relationship, the success of an equity partnership depends partly on finding the right match. It helps to be the next Google when shopping for a partner, since many equity investors focus on the tech industry. But no matter your company’s sector, you’ll raise your chances of striking a successful match by narrowing your search to partners who...

The Risks and Benefits of Equity Partnerships

Posted On: October 26, 2011

Equity partnerships provide much-needed capital for promising businesses, bringing in funds—and a sophisticated investor’s eye—to develop and launch new products and take companies to the next level. Given the challenge of getting a small business loan, Denise Beeson, a commercial and private money-lender at Bay Sierra Financial Inc. in Santa Rosa, Calif., considers equity partnerships an exciting marketplace for...

3 Innovative Ways to Launch New Products

Posted On: October 21, 2011

For many small business owners, the way their companies launch a new product can be as important as the product itself. An effective campaign requires careful planning that demands a unique, innovative approach. Here’s how three NFIB members launched products successfully:  1. Engage potential customers early. Before one of his books, “Bypassing “NO” in Business,” became available to the public, business consultant...

3 Effective Price Anchoring Strategies

Posted On: October 20, 2011

Price anchoring in small businesses typically results in a higher price threshold that customers compare to lower prices—often characterized as deals or discounts—when assessing the value of products and services. When Hewlett-Packard lowered the price of its new TouchPad tablet from $499 to $399 in August 2011, the price point failed to turn the TouchPad into an iPad competitor. HP...

4 Ways to Handle Negative Publicity

Posted On: October 19, 2011

When you’re running a small business, a good reputation can bring endless success. But when your business gets negative publicity, the effects can be devastating. From online complaints to word-of-mouth rumors, follow these four tips to handle negative publicity: 1. Confront the source. You have to find the source of the problem in order to deal with it, says Mark Grimm, president of...

5 Essential Payroll Processing Tips for Avoiding Significant Fines and Penalties

Posted On: October 07, 2011

Payroll Discounts for NFIB Members This article was provided by NFIB’s member benefit provider CompuPay, one of the leading payroll, tax filing and HR-related service providers in the country. NFIB members receive special discounts on NFIB Payroll services that help small business owners simplify their payroll process. Learn more about NFIB payroll discounts. Small business owners face a variety of challenges every...

3 Ways to Build a Strong Outside Sales Team

Posted On: September 20, 2011

Building a strong outside sales team—the team that’s on the road and meets customers in person—is vital to the success of your business. Since your outside sales team is always on the go and rarely in one place, it can be a challenge to help these employees improve their performance.  Here are 3 ways to build a strong outside...

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