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Owning a small business often means wearing every possible hat available, from marketer to sales clerk and inventory manager to HR professional. Learn from the experiences of the small business owners who are NFIB members as well as the best experts for each industry. Below you will find small business tips for everything from taxes and regulation to promotion and networking.

Why You Need to Read Those Negative Reviews

Posted On: February 12, 2013

Online reputation management means tracking positive news and guarding against negative news. At Country Meadows Retirement Communities, Mandi Block keeps a close eye on online consumer reviews. As vice president of advertising and communications, it’s up to her to safeguard the company’s online reputation. “In our industry, referrals are the No. 1 resource that our prospects seek out. That starts with family...

5 Cheap Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Posted On: February 04, 2013

Get outside, don’t be afraid to rebrand, and more. Looking for ways to boost your business that won’t cost you a fortune? Four small business owners share some of their best proven tips. 1. Get creative with re-branding. Atlanta-based public relations executive Tony Wilbert left a large national firm to found his own a little more than three years ago. Now he’s gone...

Small Businesses Share How They Boost Profits During the Holidays

Posted On: December 17, 2012

There are so many ways to boost profits during the holidays—from holiday-themed gifts and stocking stuffers to seasonal décor and in-store events—that narrowing your techniques can be the biggest challenge. For that last-minute holiday edge, consider these methods that have helped other small business owners: NFIB CAN HELP: Holiday Survival Guide for Small Business 1. Social Media Estelle Puleston, owner of Bristol,...

What Should I Give for a Holiday Bonus?

Posted On: December 13, 2012

  Boost morale and motivate employees with these tips for holiday bonuses. Holiday bonuses are a great way to reward and motivate employees, but deciding how to award the holiday bonus can leave small business owners with a lot of questions. How much should you give? Follow these tips to decide the best way to handle this yearly tradition. Reward top performers. It can...

3 Strategies to Determine Product Markup

Posted On: November 20, 2012

Before you set prices, consider these strategies to determine dollar amounts. Pricing your products is one of the most important—and tricky—decisions you’ll make as a small business owner. What if you price your product too high or too low? It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might be making it. To help you ease your markup headaches, we asked Becky...

Do's and Don'ts of Direct Mail for Small Business

Posted On: July 30, 2012

Consider these best practices for sending direct mail to your customers. Many factors must come together to make direct mail campaigns succeed—the first of which is the decision whether to have one. Given the high costs of production and delivery, small business owners should start out feeling confident that this method of advertising will generate new leads.  So how do you know...

Top 7 Survival Skills Any Business Can Learn from Small Town Businesses

Posted On: April 17, 2012

Guest Column by Becky McCray Becky McCray shares more lessons useful for urban and rural business in the new book, Small Town Rules, written with Chicago entrepreneur Barry Moltz. She also owns a liquor store and a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, in the U.S., and is a recognized expert in small business and social media. She publishes the popular website,...

How to Prevent 3 Types of Embezzlement

Posted On: January 05, 2012

Although many small business owners think embezzlement can’t happen in their company, it’s more common than you might think. It tends to happen more often during the holidays and at times when people have greater financial needs. Here’s how you can detect and prevent 3 common forms of embezzlement: 1. Bloated Work Hours Jeffrey Vallens, a criminal defense lawyer in Los...

Why You Shouldn't Apologize to Customers

Posted On: October 31, 2011

Small business owners have the natural instinct to ensure their employees and customers have the best possible experience working for or doing business with their companies. Of course, that experience won’t be positive for everyone. A negative experience can result in a complaint from an employee or customer, or, in extreme cases, a lawsuit. Whether they’re facing sexual harassment allegations,...

What to Look for in an Equity Partner

Posted On: October 27, 2011

Like any relationship, the success of an equity partnership depends partly on finding the right match. It helps to be the next Google when shopping for a partner, since many equity investors focus on the tech industry. But no matter your company’s sector, you’ll raise your chances of striking a successful match by narrowing your search to partners who...

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