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The Cyber War on Small Business

Cyber threats can come in various forms including email phishing campaigns, hacking, misuse of employee privileges, and human error. Explore who’s behind these types of breaches, tactics that are used to access systems and data, the impact of these threats on small business, and how you can defend your business against methods of cyber-attacks.
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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Might Come from the Place Your Least Expect

Data suggests that malware threats are the highest they’ve ever been – and the culprits may be your employees. Don’t let your small business become a target for cyber-attacks. Here are some ways to protect yourself…

A $360K Inside Job

A job postings website was notified that a hacker used a former employee’s credentials to access the company’s network. The former employee stole 1.7 million email addresses and passwords from the users of the website. Fortunately, the company carried Data Breach and Crisis Management insurance coverage. Claim costs totaled $360,000 for legal, notification, and forensics expenses incurred to resolve the breach.

Source: “Cyber attacks: Claims scenarios ripped from today’s headlines”. XL Catlin, January 2018

For the Average Hacker, Your Small Business is an Ideal Target

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses are forced to close their doors less than 6 months after a cyber-attack. To protect your business and prevent it from becoming a statistic, follow these four steps…

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