Important Information about the Sprint Member Benefit Program:

Sprint and T-Mobile are coming together to build a better wireless company and are combining their networks to create an even more powerful network that will cover more businesses and employees across the country. As both companies work towards this goal, the Sprint program is being retired and will not be available to members until it relaunches as T-Mobile in early Fall.

  • What does this mean for NFIB members who are currently participating in the Sprint program?

    Members who are currently participating in the program should not see any interruptions in service and will continue to have access to the Sprint benefits that they are eligible to receive. They will also continue to receive the same level of customer service from Sprint that they are used to. Members with questions about their current pricing, service, and or wireless plans should be directed to contact Sprint at 866-275-1411.

  • What if a member is in the process of signing up for the Sprint program?

    Any member who applied for the Sprint program by July 17, 2020 will be allowed to complete the process and sign up with Sprint to receive the current discounts.

  • What happens in early Fall?

    NFIB will relaunch the program under the T-Mobile brand and members will have access to a new and improved wireless member benefit! Current Sprint customers will have the opportunity to upgrade to T-Mobile’s 5G network and wireless plans (when their account is eligible) and new customers will be able to enroll in a T-Mobile plan that best fits their business or personal needs.

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