Stopping LB 846 a Top Priority for Nebraska Small Businesses

Date: February 03, 2020

Lobbying against workers’ compensation measure continues after last week’s testimony

Contact: Bob Hallstrom, Nebraska State Director, [email protected]
or Tony Malandra, Senior Media Manager, [email protected]

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 3, 2020—Nebraska’s voice for small businesses today continued its warning to senators that Legislative Bill 846 would have an adverse impact on the people who have to pay workers’ compensation insurance premiums, and, over time, those who might need to collect it.

“In seeking to reduce the waiting time period for workers’ compensation from seven days to three days and allowing compensation to be paid from the date the disability began from six weeks to two weeks, what LB 846 would effectively do is eliminate the savings that have helped employers meet their premium obligations and inhibit return-to-work and light-duty programs that have helped injured workers return to their jobs sooner,” said Bob Hallstrom, NFIB’s Nebraska state director.

Hallstrom, in testifying against LB 846 last week before the Business and Labor Committee, pointed out that the more workers’ compensation payments can be contained at the ‘medical only’ status, avoiding the ‘indemnity’ stage, the better it is for employees and employers. “LB 846 would do harm to a system that is working to everyone’s benefit—and needlessly so,” said Hallstrom.

NOTE TO EDITORS—Did you know you have a correspondent at the Capitol covering the most important part of every economy’s engine: Small Business. At the end of every legislative week, NFIB Nebraska State Director Bob Hallstrom summarizes the progress of legislation helpful or harmful to small business. On Friday afternoon or Saturday, his report to NFIB’s state leadership council is posted on the NFIB Nebraska webpage, and then tweeted from NFIB Nebraska’s Twitter account @NFIB_NE. Be sure and follow us on our webpage and on Twitter, or, if you’d like a special email notification of the postings, let our senior media manager know at [email protected].


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