Enough Local Government Over-Reach

Date: September 12, 2016 Last Edit: November 08, 2016

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While the
state has been making progress in rolling back over-reaching and needless
regulations, local governments are charting new territory in burdensome ordinances
and rules on small business. Recent efforts by local governments to create
their own minimum wage and paid leave laws were thwarted by NFIB
that resulted in the passage of state legislation that prohibits
them from passing wage and benefit mandates at the local level. However, local
governments continue to strike out in new directions with local mandates and
regulations on economic activity that are hurting small businesses in their
jurisdiction. Recent actions include trying
to ban plastic bags
and setting up their own truck inspections. As if this were not bad enough, legislation has been introduced in both the
Senate and the House that would grant the treasury departments of cities that have a local income tax sweeping powers to require that employers police their workers to be sure they
are paying city income taxes. 
NFIB will
be working to pass legislation at the state level to keep local governments
from creating their own “city-states” of regulation that duplicate laws already
existing at the state and federal level.

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