No More Local Government Paid Leave and Wage Mandates!

Date: June 19, 2015 Last Edit: September 08, 2016

NFIB Victories in Michigan!

After years of effort, NFIB backed legislation has been passed and signed into law that will prohibit any Michigan city, village, township, county or other local government from passing or enforcing any ordinance on private employers that would require them to provide paid sick leave or pay a minimum wage—”living wage” higher than current federal or state law.

The new law will prevent small business killing ordinances by local governments like those passed in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and other communities that require $15 an hour minimum wages and/or paid sick leave for employees located in the city or area covered by the new local rule.

This action effectively halts plans by community activist front groups, big labor unions and wealthy liberal political organizations to masquerade as a “local grass roots effort”  to push cities and counties in Michigan into passing these job killing regulations on small business.

Small business cannot afford local micromanagement of employer benefit policies heaped on top of already existing state and federal laws. This new law will end that worry for thousands of Michigan small business owners working to provide jobs in their community.

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