Small Business Guide to Running for Office

NFIB’s political action committees endorse candidates who will be a voice for small business. We are focused on protecting incumbents who are proven allies of small business, electing pro-small business candidates in open seats, and challenging anti-small business incumbents.

If you’re a small business ally running for federal office and are interested in NFIB Fed PAC support, contact a member of NFIB’s political team at [email protected] or 800-552-6342. 

If you’re a candidate running for state office and interested in NFIB’s support, please visit your NFIB state page to contact the state office.

The Small Business Guide to Running for Office

NFIB knows that’s small business owners make exceptional candidates for office. This guide covers all aspects of running for office – from starting a campaign to voter outreach, fundraising, and so much more.

If you’re a small business owner looking to run for office, this guide can provide the basics you need to know. If you’re one of America’s many small business owners who can make their communities better by running for office, we hope you’ll use this guide.

Learn how to be a small business advocate
running for public office.



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