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NFIB Endorses U.S. Senator Ron Johnson for Reelection

Johnson scored 100 percent on NFIB scorecard.


3 Victories for Wisconsin Small Business Owners

NFIB helped rein in regulations, close mandate loopholes, and pass civil justice reform.


INFOGRAPHIC: Minimum Wage Myths Busted

A look at the facts behind five common claims.

Wisconsin Small Business News

  • OVERTIME RULE WILL INCREASE COSTS AND PUSH SALARIED EMPLOYEES INTO HOURLY JOBSPreviously, workers earning $23,660 annually were eligible for time-and-a-half for every hour they worked beyond 40 hours.

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  • 3 Victories for Wisconsin Small Business OwnersNFIB helped rein in regulations, close mandate loopholes, and pass civil justice reform.

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  • What Would You Do with a Small Business Grant from FedEx?Small businesses are a big deal in the world's economy. FedEx, NFIB's preferred shipping provider, wants to help them grow even more. Be one of 10 compelling businesses to win a prize in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

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  • WISCONSIN SENIOR TRAVELLING TO DC AS FINALIST FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL SCHOLARSHIPProud High School Principal Congratulates Student, Encourages Future Participation in Program

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  • Is a Minimum Wage Battle Coming to Wisconsin?SEIU has spent millions on the issue in Milwaukee.

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    Wisconsin Small Business Issues

  • New Overtime Rule Adds Costs to Small Businesses and Hurts WorkersFree Webinar: Learn what your business needs to do to comply with the new overtime rule from guest speaker Tammy McCutchen, a principal at Littler Mendelson and leading authority on federal and state wage-hour laws and prevailing wage laws.

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  • Congress Is Considering Legislation to Stop New Overtime RuleYou can help! Encourage your representatives to co-sponsor legislation to protect small business and their employees from the burdensome overtime rule proposed by the Department of Labor.

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