Business Resources for Veterans

Veteran-owned business profiles

Veterans’ Stories: From the Air Force to an Alaskan Adventure

In honor of Veterans Day , NFIB presents a series of profiles featuring veterans who run successful small businesses. We begin in Alaska, where NFIB member and Air Force vet John Baker takes to the outdoors with RV resort and fishing charters.

Veterans’ Stories: The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Army Way

Continuing our Veterans Day series, NFIB profiles member and Army vet Bob Dion Jr., who parlayed years of experience with structure and accountability into a successful trophy business.

Veterans’ Stories: Passing on the Tradition

Air Force vet and NFIB member Bob Burns traveled a winding professional road before launching his orthopedics business. 

Veterans’ Stories: Saluting those Who Have Served

NFIB member Kimberly Gillard honors her father’s military service by offering discounts to veterans. 

Veterans’ Stories: The Drive to Get It Done

NFIB member Dennie Whitaker learned a lot about work stamina spending 12 to 16 hours in a plane over Vietnam.