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Small business tax rules are constantly changing. Find the latest tools to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax burden.

Tax Tips


Small Business Mostly Pleased by Hassan's Agenda but Points out Some Concerns

Director Bruce Berke today said that most of the Governor outlined in her first State of the State Address was positive but tha...


Massachusetts Squeezes Small Business to Increase Revenues

Lawmakers pass a "tech tax" that is later repealed.

Preparing & Filing Taxes


The Top 3 Problems Small Business Owners Are Facing

Taxes, inflation and red tape are the biggest obstacles.


Restaurants Deal with New IRS Tip Rule

Automatic gratuities are now classified as service charges.

Tax Deductions & Credits


Tax Reform: Only One Part of a Broad Plan

What should Albany do to fix its small business problem?


VIDEO: A Victory Against Obamacare in the House and Tax Code Progress

NFIB's Week in Small Business video series keeps you posted on hot topics affecting small business owners around the country.

Audits and Penalties


How to Audit-Proof Your Business

The odds of being audited by the IRS are on the rise, thanks to dwindling tax revenues and stepped-up enforcement efforts. Here...


The Tax Man Cometh - Are You Ready?

Karen R. Harned, executive director of NFIB's Small Business Legal Center, lays out this year's key tax deadlines.

Estate Planning


How to Sell Your Company to a Family Member Without Losing Your Shirt

Passing the business on to a relative can be relatively easily if you follow these steps.


4 Alternatives to Leaving your Business to Your Kids

If succession planning isn’t an option, consider these alternatives for an exit strategy.



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