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Find what you need to start, set up and run a home-based business. Find technology tools, leverage opportunity and balance your time.

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My Weird Small Business: Rent the Chicken

Rent a car? Sure. Rent a house? Yes. Rent poultry? Anything is possible.


How to Host a Professional Meeting in Your Home

Assemble your technology, set expectations and keep on task.


5 Hot Work-From-Home Business Ideas

From grocery shopping to backyard pond kits, new home-based businesses get creative and profitable.


How to Become a Small Business Supplier to Large Corporations

You can still stay small and benefit from cozying up to the big dogs.


5 Best Places to Start a Business in 2013

We identify business-friendly locations for you to start your next venture.


How to Start a Landscaping Business

From legal considerations to making a profit, here’s what you need to know to get your landscaping business off the ground.

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