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Thinking about how to start a business? You’ll need funds. And a business plan. And to incorporate. Find tips and tools on these and other important elements of starting a business.

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Quiz: What Type of Small Business Owner Are You?

Find out if you’re more of a freedom seeker, passionate creator, struggling survivor or legacy builder.


My Weird Business: Divorce Party Planner

A Las Vegas party planner ran with a joke to create a one-of-kind (and sometimes controversial) celebration.

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Small Business Checklist: Scouting Out a Location

Here’s your guide to finding the perfect spot for your small business.


1 Question, 3 Answers: When Is the Right Time to Transition From Food Truck to Storefront?

Making the move from the street to a bricks-and-mortar location

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6 Lessons a Small Business Can Learn from Uber’s Triumphs—and Failures

The fast-growing car service startup has done a lot of things right. It has also made some big mistakes.


Small Business Book Club: "Growing a Business"

Find your market and create a scalable business model before raising capital—these lessons helped this small business owner b...

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Can you Succeed in Business as the Boss?

Start with a Self-Assessment!


1 Question, 3 Answers: What Will You Try to Do Better in 2015?

Here’s what three small business owners are focusing on in the new year.

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How to Exit a Franchise

Here’s what you can expect – and what you need to do – when it’s time to sell your franchise business.


Four Hot Franchise Sectors for 2015

Is 2015 the year you'll open a franchise business? Here are four hot franchise sectors to consider.

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Zoning Laws Are Annoying

But fail to follow local zoning ordinances, and your small business could fail before it even begins.


How to Start a Business in Phoenix, Arizona

The sprawl of one of the fastest growing cities presents small business with opportunities and challenges.