Legal Tips

Legal Tips


Could Your Business Get Blacklisted by the Government?

Getting blacklisted, also called debarment, is not as unusual as you might think. And it could affect a lot more than your busi...


Arizona Law on Court Costs Will Help Small Business

Rule 'attempts to level the playing field.'


Small Business to EPA: We're Drawing a Line in the Sand--Without a Permit!

NFIB has filed a lawsuit against the EPA and Army Corps for their new Waters of the United States Rule.


SCOTUS Reins in EPA and Spares Small Businesses Massive New Costs

The Supreme Court today decided in the case Michigan v EPA, in which NFIB filed an amicus brief. The Supreme Court ruled that t...


Equal Opportunity Laws: How to Fulfill Requirements

Use these tips to comply with fair employment and recruiting laws at your small business.


NFIB Reacts to SCOTUS on Healthcare Ruling

Karen Harned, Executive Director of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center, said today that while the Supreme Court may have uphe...

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