Lawyers & Legal Aid

Lawyers & Legal Aid


How Much Should I Pay for a Lawyer?

From charging methods to regional differences, here’s what you should consider paying for legal services.


When Language is Legal: Are You Mandated to Translate?

Learn when the law requires you to translate materials in the workplace for employees who speak a foreign language.


5 Legal Protections for Your Family Business

Many family crises are unavoidable and unpredictable. But you don’t have to be unprepared. Here are five legal maneuvers that...


Tulsa Member is Regional Small Business Champion

Three-time Oklahoma champion Larry Mocha has been named one of four regional Solveras/NFIB Small Business Champions.


NFIB Legal Foundation Offers Useful Legal Guides for Members

With more than 75,000 pages of rules to keep track of, it's not surprising that many small-business owners don't know or unders...


Document Retention Policies

Have you ever wondered how long you should keep a contract, banking statements and employee records? Or are you keeping every s...

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