Legal Help

Small Business Legal Issues

Find legal information to make sure your small business is compliant with labor laws, insurance rules and other legal regulations.

Labor Laws & Regulations


Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Employee Misclassifications

To avoid problems, consult an accountant, tax professional or tax attorney specializing in worker classification


4 Pieces of Legal Advice That Sound Good … But Small Business Owners Should Ignore

Tread carefully on legal matters, and always read the fine print

Copyright, Patents & Trademarks


How to Take Action Against Patent Trolls

These three steps help small business owners defend their intellectual property from frivolous threats.


How to Handle a Breach of Contract

When an offender’s inaction leaves you with problems, the first step to resolution is not in a courtroom.

Lawyers & Legal Aid


Back to Work

What the law says about reservist employees returning to your small business


Diversity in the Workplace

Legal experts offer advice on workplace practices

Legal Tips


When Does a Commute Count as Overtime?

Avoid fines and penalties by following these simple rules.


How to Handle a Whistleblower

Here’s what to know—and how to protect yourself—if an employee reports wrongdoing to the government.

Lawsuits & Liability


Small Business in the Courts

NFIB is involved in several Supreme Court cases during the 2014 term.


Policing Employees' Use of Social Media

Should online comments be cause for termination?



How to Avoid an Immigration Audit

Take these five steps to protect your business


Hispanic Small Business Owners' Top Political and Economic Concerns

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, State Sen. Lou Correa and Gov. Susana Martinez discuss Hispanic small business owners' concerns.


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