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Small Business Legal Issues

Find legal information to make sure your small business is compliant with labor laws, insurance rules and other legal regulations.

Copyright, Patents & Trademarks


DIY Legal Services: Are They Right for Your Business?

Do-it-yourself legal services can offer owners a way to start their businesses without the costly legal fees. But are these ser...


Lazy Legal Mistakes Your Small Business Should Avoid

From mixing business and personal finances to trademark disputes, these seemingly minor legal oversights can cost your company ...

Legal Tips


Are Employers Responsible for Distracted Driving Accidents?

Protect your business from liability with these tips for safe driving policies.


How to Avoid a Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Understand the risks of personal Internet use at your small business and avoid potential liability with these tips.

Lawsuits & Liability


The Most Bizarre State Laws Every Business Must Know

Don’t let blue laws on telemarketing calls and sales tax hurt your business.


3 Lawsuits That Prove We Need Legal Reform

NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center shares tips for business owners seeking protection from frivolous lawsuits.



Should Your Small Business Ban Email?

Alternatives could boost your company’s creativity and productivity.


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