Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Infographic: April 2015 Small Business Scorecard

A ranking of the issues affecting small business this month.


Video: Top 3 Small Business Issues in 2015

Lower healthcare costs, tax reform and regulatory certainty would go a long way to providing owners relief.


VIDEO: The New Congress Is in Full Swing

The 114th Congress has already taken action on several small business issues, including regulations, healthcare and energy. Wat...


Infographic: January 2015 Small Business Scorecard

We rank the top issues that affected small businesses in January.


Looking Ahead to Tonight's State of the Union Address

The State of the Union Address is happening tonight. Here's what we'd like to hear the President focus on for the benefit of sm...

114th Congress

What Small Business Can Expect From the New Congress

From healthcare to regulations, we look at what the 2014 midterm election results mean for your small business.

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