How to Hire Smarter in 2015

You don’t have to be a large company to get the best talent.

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Four Small Business Owners Take D.C. Politics Into Their Own Hands

If you think small business owners can’t make a difference in politics, think again. These NFIB members hold office, run a bu...



Surviving the Holidays

Is your small business prepared for the holiday rush? From staffing to sales, we explore how to navigate the challenges of the ...


5 Marketing Tools that Will Help You Find the Right Customers

So many customers are online. Here’s how you find the needle in the haystack.



Connected: Tap into the Millennial Generation

Millennials' purchasing power is growing. Here's how your business can entice this tech-savvy and inquisitive generation.


Meet the Young Entrepreneurs Who Will Run Tomorrow’s Top Businesses

NFIB recently awarded scholarships and national recognition to five students who proved they’re the future of business.

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Truck-Driver Shortage Impacts Small Business

A truck-driver shortage may lead to higher shipping rates for small businesses.


Facebook Ad Prices Increase

Despite ad price hikes, savvy small business owners can still find customers online.

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Save Over $5,000 With Your NFIB Member Benefits

As an NFIB member, you can easily offset the cost of your membership, and much more, by taking advantage of the many programs t...


‘Ban-the-Box’ Laws on the Rise

Concerns over workplace security grow as employers are prevented from conducting pre-interview background checks.

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Daily Deal Providers: A Deal for Small Business?

A guide to the features and weaknesses of the four major deal providers.


Why You Need a Security System

A quarter of break-ins occur at non-residences, including small businesses.

Small Business Scorecard


Scorecard: What's Good and Bad for Small Businesses?

Recent developments in Obamacare regulations, student loan debt and small business expensing get ranked from bad to good.


Scorecard: What's Good and Bad for Small Business? [infographic]

Minimum wage proposals, federal government contracts and fine reductions are weighed on a scale from bad to good.



Infographic: Lessons in Small Business Survival

NFIB takes a look at the business life cycle, number of launches and closures and the external factors influencing those numbers.


Healthcare Costs Continue to Climb

As insurance grows ever more costly, employers and employees alike are feeling the pinch

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My Life With Will Farrow

An automotive-repair store owner talks shop about building strong relationships with customers, business goals and ‘going to ...


My Life With Joe Dutra

A farmer-turned-serial-entrepreneur talks location—both how he bucked an industry norm by going local and how international t...

Special Report: Hispanic Businesses


Hispanic Small Business Owners' Secrets to Success

Hispanics' influence in the small business community is growing. Here's what everyone can learn from their success.


Hispanic Small Business Owners' Top Political and Economic Concerns

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, State Sen. Lou Correa and Gov. Susana Martinez discuss Hispanic small business owners' concerns.

Special Report: Healthcare


NFIB's Healthcare Handbook

An employer's guide to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


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Yes, I use a CRM. - ( 216 votes )

CRM? I use Excel. - ( 115 votes )

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