Top Marketing Trends for 2013

Author: Imagination Date: January 17, 2013

2013 trends

NFIB identifies trends, technology and areas of growth that are ideal for promoting your business.

It’s a new year, and that means new—or new to you—trends that could potentially redefine your current business or shape the one you’re planning to launch.

In 2013, an untold number of trends, technologies and tactics will change the way your run your business. Here are three you should you pay attention to—and leverage. 

1. Mobile

It’s no secret that our mobile devices are changing the way we relax, work and generate a profit. But they could also be an area of growth for your business, or provide the market space in which to launch. Over the next 4 years, mobile commerce is expected to grow four-fold, with mobile retail expected to be a $25 billion enterprise by 2017, according to Forrester Research.

“The mobile technology industry is one of the fastest-growing fields and offers independent wireless dealers tremendous potential,” says David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator. At the same time, he says, “the mobile wallet is on the horizon and will enable wireless phone users to send money abroad, pay bills, make purchases online or in person—all with their cell phones. Being able to provide customers with advice and services in the mobile world is…the field for 2013.”

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2. Inbound/Content Marketing

Earning a potential customer’s trust online is more important than ever. Mary Ellen Slayter, the managing director of a content marketing agency in Baton Rouge, La., says that trend has led to a vacuum for content that companies like her fast-growing Reputation Capital Media have been able to leverage. 

“Technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to communicate directly and authentically with their clients,” she says. “Companies that have made this shift are finding that they can save a great deal of money on marketing while also driving improvements in customer service and innovation.”

3. Podcasting

It’s not the latest and greatest technology—it’s been around at least since the rise of the mp3 player, after all—but it’s growing, and could be a way to help your business build trust with potential customers, at a lower cost to you than more conventional types of advertising and marketing. 

“Podcasts are uniquely positioned to dominate the landscape in 2013,” says John Dumas, who hosts his own podcast,

“The reason for this upcoming explosion is the mass use of smartphones, tablets and Wifi," he says. "People crave on-demand targeted content on the go, and that is exactly what Podcasts provide in every area and industry.”

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