10 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Small Business

Author: Katie Truesdell Date: March 17, 2014

Organize your office and your processes with these tips.

Spring cleaning your small business requires more than just scrubbing and dusting.

Tackling your to-do list is easier when you have a clean office, uncluttered desk and clear mind. Beyond vacuuming and dusting, here are 10 tasks to add to your spring-cleaning checklist.

1. Evaluate your systems, processes and vendors, and eliminate or streamline things that aren’t working.

2. Create a filing system according to how you think, and get rid of old, unnecessary files.

3. Go digital—scan, save and purge hard copies of files.

4. Clear your desktop of anything you don’t use regularly.

5. Answer, file or delete emails each day.

6. Take stock of inventory.

7. Freshen your online presence with current Web content and consistent social media posts.

8. Update client and vendor information.

9. Organize office supplies by placing similar things together in compartments.

10. Create a regular cleaning and organization system—and leave time in your weekly schedule for it.

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