Arkansas Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/Arkansas Legislative Victories
    Passed legislation allowing businesses to write off $134,000 in expenses 
    The bill more than doubled the amount that small businesses can expense, allowing small businesses to write off more than $100,000 in depreciable expenses for state income tax purposes and cut their tax bill.

    Defeated proposals that would have meant higher worker's compensation premiums
    With the help of our members and supporters, a number of proposals that would have increased worker's compensation were prevented from moving forward.?

    Passed unemployment insurance benefits reform
    The legislation removed the indexing of weekly benefit benefits and established a minimum payment of $81 a week and a maximum payment of $451. It also limited payments to 25 weeks and disqualified workers let go because of absenteeism or misconduct.

    Helped extend the time a business has to respond to unemployment claims 
    Previously, employers had seven days from the date the notice of unemployment claim was mailed to respond. Often, employers who were out of town would return to find the deadline had already passed. NFIB fought to extend the deadline to 10 days and give employers the option of receiving notices via email.

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