Arkansas Small Business Issues


  • Challenges facing NFIB/Arkansas
    • Re-Instate the Arkansas Tort Reform Act. NFIB/Arkansas is working on a proposed constitutional amendment which would re-instate the punitive damages cap, and other tort reform measures that were over-turned by the Arkansas Supreme Court. The legislation was proposed, but came one vote short in legislative committee.
    • Pass Mandatory Drug Testing For Unemployment Beneficiaries. Our members believe that people should be “job ready” to continue to quality for the unemployment benefit and NFIB will continue to fight for this legislation. This legislation passed the Arkansas Senate, but died in House Committee.
    • Support Continued Tax Relief. NFIB will continue to support tax reform, with a specific focus on property taxes.
    • Continue to fight the onslaught of anti-business legislation.  Whether it takes the form of health insurance mandates, government software mandates or paperwork mandates, we will continue to fight for your right to own, operate and grow your small business with as little government intrusion as possible.
     Updated June 21, 2013

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