How Congress Voted

How Did Lawmakers Treat Small Business?

Download How Congress Voted (PDF)NFIB’s How Congress Voted looks at how your U.S. senators and representatives voted on small business issues during the 112th Congress.

Lawmakers who vote with small business 70% or more of the time earn NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business Award, demonstrating their commitment to protecting free enterprise. Just as important, this report highlights lawmakers who vote against small business issues a majority of the time.

This report should come as no surprise to lawmakers. NFIB asks lawmakers to support the consensus views of our members. We also remind them that their votes are being monitored and will be reported back to NFIB members.

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U.S. House Key Votes

  1. Repealing The Healthcare Law (H.R. 2)
  2. Small Business Paperwork Mandate
    Elimination Act (H.R. 4)
  3. Energy Tax Prevention Act (H.R. 910)
  4. Putting The Gulf Back To Work Act (H.R. 1229)
  5. Project Labor Agreements Amendment (H.Amdt. 411)
  6. Protecting Jobs From Government Interference
    Act (H.R. 2587)
  7. Balanced Budget Amendment (H.J.Res. 2)
  8. Workforce Democracy And Fairness Act (H.R. 3094)
  9. Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 527)
  10. Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 3010)
  11. Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act (H.R. 1633)
  12. Healthcare Cost Reduction Act (H.R. 436)
  13. Job Protection and Recession Preventon Act (H.R. 8)

U.S. Senate Key Votes

  1. 1099 Reporting Repeal Amendment (S.Amdt. 9)
  2. Repealing The Healthcare Law (S.Amdt. 13)
  3. Davis-Bacon Restrictions Amendment (S.Amdt. 19)
  4. SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act (S. 1867)
  5. Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act (H.R. 4)
  6. Regulatory Reform Amendment (S.Amdt. 390)
  7. Duplicative Government Programs Amendment
    (H.J.Res. 66)
  8. Contractor Withholding Repeal (H.R. 674)
  9. Balanced Budget Amendment (S.J.Res. 10)
  10. Nullify the NLRB “Ambush” Election Rule (S.J. Res. 36)
  11. Tax Hike Prevention Amendment (S. Amdt. 2573)