Voter Resources

NFIB is dedicated to providing our members and your employees with the resources and information you need to make it to the ballot box and vote for the candidate who will best help your small business.

Even though Election Day is only one day, NFIB members have access to valuable voter resources throughout the year, including political analysis, issue briefs, and Congressional voting records. And in the run up to Election Day, NFIB helps to ensure that our members are registered to vote, informed about early voting, and equipped with the information they need to protect free enterprise at the voting booth.

Election Day Resources

State-by-State Voter Guide (Members Only) — Coming Soon!

Our voter guide provides a listing of all endorsed candidates in your state so that you can know which candidates have earned our support. We have also included information on the key small-business issues that will define your choice on Election Day, voter information in your state, a Get-Out-The-Vote poster to hang in your office or workplace, and an issue comparison of where the presidential candidates stand on small-business issues. NFIB members can expect their exclusive 2014 voter guides in the mail in the weeks before November’s midterm elections. In the meantime, you can visit your state’s section of for individual updates.

Voter Registration and Voting Information

With rules on voter registration, polling places, and early voting, the weeks leading up to Election Day can be overwhelming and at times complicated. NFIB makes it easy for you to find information specific for your state.

Visit our EZ vote tool, and begin the process of registering to vote or updating your existing voter registration if you’ve recently moved; learn more about absentee and early voting options in your area; and find out specific Election Day procedures and rules in your state.

What is early voting?  Learn more about it here.

Year-Round Resources

Issue Briefs and Candidate Comparisons:

See how Congress voted on small business issuesBased on our members’ responses to continuous balloting, NFIB takes clear positions on the most important small business issues facing the country today. Learn more about where NFIB stands on these issues, so you can better evaluate whether a candidate’s campaign promises will ultimately help or hurt your small business. 

How Congress Voted:

Throughout each two-year congressional session, NFIB scores key votes on legislation that will impact small business and compiles them in “How Congress Voted,” a succinct, easy-to-read report that shows exactly where each lawmaker stands on key issues. A final report will be released after the completion of the 113th Congress. But in the meantime, NFIB presents a special interim report of the 113th Congress. This report tells you how your U.S. Senators and Representatives voted on small business issues during the first year of the 113th Congress.

Educate Your Employees:

Providing voter information to your employees is easy and worthwhile. By educating your employees, you expand the voice of the small business community. Get started »