NFIB’s Endorsed Candidates

NFIB supports candidates in both federal and state elections who stand up for small business.

Candidate endorsements are overseen by our political action committee, the Save America’s Free Enterprise (SAFE) Trust. Endorsements are based exclusively on each candidate’s positions and record on small business issues, regardless of party affiliation.

All congressional and gubernatorial endorsements are determined by NFIB’s federal PAC Board, which is comprised of NFIB members who serve on the NFIB national board of directors. The PAC Board regularly meets to review recommendations to support various candidates.

Unlike many other national organizations, NFIB also operates individual PACs in certain states to help elect pro-small business candidates at the state level. To find information about NFIB’s PAC in your state or endorsed candidates in your state, please check NFIB in My State.


2016 NFIB endorsed candidates


Endorsement Process

NFIB prides itself on an open and transparent endorsement process, which is governed by three basic priorities:

  • Protecting incumbents who are proven allies of small business
  • Electing pro-small business candidates in open seats
  • Challenging anti-small business incumbents

NFIB staff conducts thorough research on candidates, campaigns and the political environment to determine where NFIB can make the most difference for small business. Due to limited resources, NFIB may not be able to endorse every well-intentioned candidate.

In deciding to support an incumbent or back a challenger, the PAC Board reviews each candidate’s small business voting record as well as their legislative relationship with NFIB.

NFIB staff interview candidates and require them to fill out a questionnaire. For open seats, NFIB surveys all members in the state or district to see if NFIB should be involved in the race, and which candidate members recommend supporting.


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