In these uncertain economic times, it’s clear that election results are critical to America’s job creators—the small business community—who have the most on the line.

Endorsed Candidates

Throughout the election cycle, NFIB endorses candidates based exclusively on their positions and voting record on small business issues. Find out about NFIB’s endorsement process and view a list of endorsed candidates.

Voter Resources

The small business community is one of the largest and most influential voting blocs in the country. To ensure our members are informed and prepared when they step into the voting booth, we offer year-round resources, such as political analysis, issue briefs, candidate comparisons and voting records.

Candidate Resources

NFIB provides critical information about small business to candidates running for office. Access our Federal Candidate Questionnaire and tell us where you stand on small business issues. If you are a small business owner running for office, download NFIB’s Business Candidate Guide to find everything you’ll need to know about running a successful campaign.

NFIB Political Involvement

Over the years, NFIB has grown and developed its political and grassroots programs to be among the most effective and recognized in the business community. Our history of success has made NFIB’s support highly sought after by candidates at all levels of government because they recognize that NFIB’s grassroots network is the key to a successful campaign.

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