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2016 is a big election year, not only because America will elect a new President, but hopefully keep and gain more of a pro-small business majority in Congress. Keep up-to-date with the latest 2016 election news related to NFIB here, where we discuss how small business can impact the top Senate and House races across the country.


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Obama, EPA Administrator Vow Fight On Clean Power Plan

Officials Argue Mandate Is Legal, State Attorneys General Disagree


Twitter Roundup: What Has Small Business Been Talking About Lately?

Taxes, healthcare, and the economy—the small business community addresses the most pressing issues of 2016.


Trump and Sanders Dominate New Hampshire Primary

The two presidential candidates soared—and their victory speeches, not surprisingly, had small business implications.


Report: Eight States Saw Large Drop In Uninsured Last Year

CDC Finds Just 9.1% Of Americans Uninsured As Of September 2015, Down From 14.4% In 2013

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