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2016 is a big election year, not only because America will elect a new President, but hopefully we can gain more of a pro-small business majority in Congress. Keep up-to-date with the latest 2016 election news related to NFIB here, where we discuss how small business can impact the top Senate and House races across the country.


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News Release

Pierce, Richardson, and Crowe Endorsed by NFIB

Candidates for statewide offices win backing of small-business association.


On Trump’s Big Night, Here’s What He Said About Major Small Business Issues

Simplifying the tax code, rolling back regulations, and reducing the cost of energy—all key small business issues—made an a...


Adviser: Trump Preparing New Tax Plan

Economic Adviser Says Trump’s New Plan Will Cost Around $3 Trillion


NFIB Reaching Out To Hispanic Business Owners By Tweeting GOP, Democratic Conventions

Goal Is To Address Needs Of Growing Number Of Hispanic Entrepreneurs

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