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2016 is a big election year, not only because America will elect a new President, but hopefully keep and gain more of a pro-small business majority in Congress. Keep up-to-date with the latest 2016 election news related to NFIB here, where we discuss how small business can impact the top Senate and House races across the country.


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Do the GOP Candidates Agree on Small Biz Issues?

Sure, they're all for getting rid of Obamacare. But one wants to switch power to the states, while another has plans for a "hea...


BREAKING: SCOTUS Blocks EPA Power Plan Rule

NFIB won an important victory today in its fight against the EPA power plan rule when the Supreme Court granted a stay, effecti...


President Obama Proposes $10-Per-Barrel Oil Fee

Fee Would Go Towards Clean Transportation, Climate Change Fund


Senate Democrats Block Energy Bill Over Amendment

$600 Million Amendment To Address Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Sticking Point

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