Featured Video: Overreaching by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could crush an already fragile economic recovery by destroying millions of jobs. NFIB’s video series “Top 5″ examines the worst of these job killers.  


Small family farms, ranchers and the numerous small businesses associated with the agriculture industry serve as a key segment of the NFIB membership. That is why we are closely following the actions taken by the federal government to propose new regulations that would impose added costs and burdensome red tape for our members.

Whether its tracking the reauthorization of the farm bill, analyzing new EPA regulations or promoting targeted tax relief; NFIB serves as a prominent voice advocating for the sustained growth of our agriculture industry and its critical role in economy at large.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations

Overzealous regulation by the EPA is jeopardizing the ability of small farmers and ranchers to make a living. NFIB and the NFIB Small Business Legal Center are on the front lines of the regulatory debate; advocating for flexible alternatives to help make small farms more viable. 


Tax Relief for Family Farms

NFIB has long fought for sensible and lasting tax relief for family farms, ranchers and small businesses in the agriculture industry.

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