Employee Testimonials

Telephone Sales Representative – Dina Deaunovich

Dina Deaunovich
Dina Deaunovich

I came to NFIB when I was 18, just out of high school. I met my husband here. I feel like I’ve lived my life here. And I am so appreciative of all the stability and advantages I have had throughout these 25 years. I am especially grateful for the life I have been able to give my sons because of the opportunity NFIB affords me.  The healthy teeth, gorgeous smiles and good educations that my sons have are advantages that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. I have never taken those privileges for granted.

The wonderful NFIB trips that I have taken provided experiences that I never would have had on my own. I won a number of Quarterly Achiever’s Clubs, which we had before President’s Club, and I’ve won eight President’s Clubs. Every one of them was out-of-the-box spectacular!

My retirement years will also be completely different than my parents’ because of my career at NFIB. I have always participated in the 401(k) program. My comfort, security and peace of mind will continue on after I retire, thanks to NFIB.



Telephone Sales Representative – Megan Melba

Megan Melba
Megan Melba

By my second year at NFIB, I was making a six-figure income!

Everything just went boom, boom, boom. I bought a new car and a new home. I even got a dog. I go to the dentist for routine care and it costs me nothing! I’m in the 401(k) savings plan. I always have money in the bank and Christmas has never been this much fun.

I gained more than financial rewards, though. I gained my freedom! No more working all weekend long. I can buy the things I want and I can go where I want to go. I regained my confidence and sense of security, optimism and hope. The sky is the limit, endless possibilities!


Field Sales Representative – Kelly Ditto

Kelly Ditto
Kelly Ditto

As I was reading through and making my selection for my employee benefits for 2013 I feel it necessary to send a note of gratitude to those responsible for these excellent benefits.

I sincerely thank all of the leadership and those in HR who work so hard for me and on my family’s behalf. I know it is a tedious and often thankless job. I deeply appreciate everything from the breadth of benefits to the instructions to keep a confusing process simple to the ‘nagging’ emails ensuring I don’t miss the deadline!

I just want you all to know I think you do a wonderful job finding and offering excellent benefits for me and my loved ones. I feel taken care of and appreciated as a member of this outstanding NFIB team.


Field Sales Representative – Chris Furst

Chris Furst
Chris Furst

How has my life changed since I came to work for NFIB? In a word: Dramatically!

My previous 30-year career came to an abrupt halt.  I used to sell by convincing prospects that my product was better than those of numerous competitors. I have a totally different mindset selling NFIB memberships. What we do is critical to every business owner and we are doing truly good work. It helps my mental attitude to know that we are what stands between small business and government.

At NFIB, I experience less stress, thanks to a supportive staff, teamwork and camaraderie. And the flexibility of this job allows me to maintain a balance between personal and professional obligations.

Losing one career and gaining a better one, has given me such tremendous appreciation for NFIB. I will never take NFIB for granted!


Field Sales Representative – Blaine Bambrough

Blaine Bambrough
Blaine Bambrough

This job has not only lived up to what my manager told me it could be, it has exceeded it! This year, I will make more money than I made in any of the last five years selling real estate. It’s fantastic! There is truly the potential to earn an unlimited income at NFIB!

And there’s even more wonderful things about an NFIB career, starting with the benefits! Since I was an independent agent, my family previously had no medical insurance. Imagine having four children and no health insurance. When our youngest was born, we had to pay the full hospital and doctor bill out of our pocket. There aren’t words to describe the peace of mind and the security I feel, knowing that I have my family covered now.

The flexibility of this job also helps me to be a better dad and husband. Two of our children have birthday parties coming up. There was a time when I would have missed their parties. But now, I can plan for them and work out ahead so I can be there with my children on their birthdays. That means so much to them and to me.

NFIB has turned our lives around. We have a lot to celebrate!


Field Sales Representative – Mike Barber

Mike Barber
Mike Barber

I began my NFIB career in August after 12 years of selling radio ads. When I saw the ad for this job, it said something like, ‘applicants should be able to sell the intangible.’ So during the job interview with the Division Manager, I told him I was the right person for the job because I sell air for a living.

NFIB has changed my life dramatically in every way. This job also gives me freedom and flexibility. It’s like having my own business, but without the risk and expense that goes along with being a business owner.

I also appreciate the way I am treated at NFIB. I love all the forms of communication that keep the sales force connected to the organization and informed. And I love the acknowledgement we receive; the kudos we get for a job well done. I feel appreciated. There’s a good climate at NFIB that I have never before experienced on a job.



Field Sales Representative – Monica Fell

Monica Fell, NFIB
Monica Fell

Before I came to work for NFIB, my husband and I both worked for the same small print shop. To make matters worse, our employer advised us to find other jobs because the shop was closing. I heard about this job at NFIB. I fell in love with the mission right from the start!

And I love my work! I don’t consider myself a sales person, but someone who is offering small business owners a lifeline. And that’s exactly what NFIB has been to us.


Field Sales Representative – Brent Erickson

Brent Erickson, NFIB
Brent Erickson

I love what I do! This is the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done! I love small business owners and what they represent for our country and who they are. I am proud to represent them and NFIB. I also love to travel and train New Hires. This is the most rewarding career I have ever had. And the celebratory culture that is here makes it even more rewarding.


Our employees are the livelihood of our business. Without these dedicated, talented individuals, NFIB could not keep its position as the leading small business advocacy group in the country.

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