Why Small Biz Owners Say ‘Yes’ to NFIB

When you work as a Sales Representative for NFIB, you do more than make a living. You make a difference. By bolstering our membership, you enable us to continue our vital work—ensuring that the free enterprise system is vibrant and viable.

As a Sales Representative, you must effectively communicate all that we have to offer in order to recruit new members and renew existing membership. You’ll find that NFIB membership is affordable and our influence strong. Prospects easily recognize the worth and power of membership.


We ensure that lawmakers understand small business concerns with regard to government policies and legislation.


We actively solicit member opinions and relay those opinions directly to lawmakers. We also report legislative votes on key small business issues back to our members, holding lawmakers accountable. Our members’ voices are heard. NFIB has been called one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in Washington, DC.


Our award-winning publications, like MyBUSINESS magazine keeps our members apprised of the latest political and economic developments. Small-business owners from across the nation rely on NFIB.com for tips, tools, discounts and practical management advice.


We empower members through grassroots involvement in the election process.

Products and Services

Our invaluable business products and services help improve the bottom lines of our members through the NFIB Member Benefits program.

These are just a sampling of the many membership benefits that make it easy for prospects to say ‘yes’ to NFIB.

Say ‘yes’ to a sales career with NFIB.

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