Tax Reform in Virginia

Don’t tax away federal tax reforms
that help Small Business in Virginia!


Small business owners scored important wins in 2018 with the federal tax reform law. However, without action at the state level, these wins will turn into a tax increase for Virginia’s small businesses and individuals.

That’s why NFIB is supporting efforts to conform to the federal tax changes AND provide additional tax relief in an expedited manner so small businesses and individuals can realize these benefits this year!

The additional net income to Virginia that comes from conformity to recent federal tax changes, $1.2 billion over two years, has provided an opportunity to make some simple, immediate and highly effective reform to Virginia’s state taxes without disrupting the existing state budget.

Your vote in November means something and elected officials need to know tax reform policy should be their top priority. Here’s your chance to email the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and members of the House and Senate. Encourage them to conform to the benefits from the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and provide additional tax relief for your business and family. Be sure to personalize the message with stories about how tax reform benefits your business. Legislators respond more easily to personalized messages.

Write your Legislator

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