Small Business Survival eBook: How to Succeed in a Down Economy

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This 97-page ebook includes chapters on:
• Starting a Business
• Financing & Funding
• Taxes
• Staffing
• Marketing

Make your business thrive during challenging economic times. This 97-page ebook covers starting a business, financing, tax help, staffing and marketing.

Survival Guide eBook Includes These Sections:

Start My Business

  • So You Want to Start a Company in These Times?
  • 10 Tips for Starting a Business in a Down Economy
  • Office Supplies: Up to 68% Off
  • 9 Tips for Starting a Business While You’re Still Employed
  • 7 Essential Sections of a Business Plan
  • How to Choose the Right Business Structure
  • 6 Tips for Selecting the Right Company Location
  • How to Name Your Company
  • Checklist for Starting a New Business
  • Make Unemployment Spur Your Own Business
  • FedEx® Shipping Savings
  • Starting a Home-Based Business

Finance and Fund My Business

  • 5 Unique Loan Sources
  • Bank of America Accounts
  • How to Fund Your Small Business With Venture Capital
  • Solveras Credit Card and Other Payment Processing
  • 5 Additional Revenue Sources for Small Business Owners
  • Use Your House to Finance Your Business

Tax Help for My Business

  • Key Tax Tips When Starting a New Business
  • How to Barter for Your Business without Defying the Tax Code
  • What the 2011 Payroll Tax Holiday Means for Your Business
  • Tax-Saving Moves That Will Pay Off Next Filing Season
  • NFIB Guide to Taxes
  • 4 IRS Red Flags to Avoid

Staff My Business

  • How to Keep Your Employment Application Legal
  • 5 Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Workplace Posters
  • Should You Cut Costs by Cutting Hours?
  • How to Boost Employee Morale in Tough Times
  • Where to Find Affordable Interns to Supplement Your Staff
  • Federal Employment Law Handbook

Market My Business in This Environment

  • 5 In-store Events to Boost Your Business
  • Forget Name Recognition, Increase Image Recognition of Your Business
  • How to Make Networking Work for You
  • Should You Discount? The Pros and Cons
  • Viral Marketing Musts for Small Business
  • 10 Steps for Avoiding Bad Check Headaches
  • Co-op Purchasing Plan Links Small Business with Local Governments
  • 5 Ways to Reward Referrals and Grow Your Business

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