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Owning a small business often means wearing every possible hat available, from marketer to sales clerk and inventory manager to HR professional. Learn from the experiences of the small business owners who are NFIB members as well as the best experts for each industry. Below you will find small business tips for everything from taxes and regulation to promotion and networking.

5 Big Challenges Faced by New Small Business Owners

Posted On: September 23, 2017

Most small business owners would probably say their challenges vary drastically from day-to-day. Today it could be trying to reach a customer for an invoice payment, tomorrow it could be coordinating a shipment across the country or updating the company website. But when it comes to challenges that most—if not all—small businesses face, especially during the early stages, there are lots that...

What Section 179 Expensing Means for Your Business

Posted On: September 20, 2017

Updated October 2019 Many small business owners are generally familiar with some of the small business tax deductions that can help you save money at tax time, but did you know that in 2018, Congress approved an expansion of the Section 179 tax deduction for small business equipment purchases? The Section 179 deduction, was recently expanded to the $1 million level...

How to Start a Catering Business

Posted On: September 11, 2017

If you’re the go-to cook or baker for your friends and family, you’ve probably thought about starting your own business and becoming a caterer. Since you already have the talent and tools to cook food for large crowds, it seems all you’ll need is a marketing plan and a handful of clients. But becoming a professional caterer isn’t that simple,...

Fact or Fiction: 4 Common SEO Misconceptions

Posted On: July 27, 2017

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing game. You may feel like you finally have it figured out, but as user behavior evolves and search engines change their rules, so do SEO best practices. What worked years ago may actually hurt your website now. Here are four SEO misconceptions, debunked. Myth #1: Backlinks galore will boost your SEO rankings Links leading to...

How Much Does an Accountant Cost?

Posted On: July 12, 2017

If you’re shopping around for a business accountant, it helps to understand what to expect from their fee structures. Like most business services, the cost of an accountant will vary due to several factors, including market, scope of services, and urgency of the task. According to NFIB member Sandy Abalos, managing partner of Abalos & Associates, PLLC (now REDW) in Phoenix,...

How Much Does a Website Cost? Options for Small Businesses

Posted On: July 10, 2017

“How much does a website cost?” is a common question for small business owners, and it’s one that can only be answered by considering several other factors. How will the site be used? Are you selling online? How diverse are your markets and visitors? Will it be membership-based? Can the operator perform maintenance, or will a vendor need to be paid...

Why You Should Use a Promotions Calendar (Even If You're Not in Retail)

Posted On: June 13, 2017

Promotions calendars are much more than a list of sales and coupon codes, and offer benefits for businesses outside retail. They help plan, track, and measure marketing efforts year-round, and can help your business weather the storm during slow sales and enhance or extend peak periods. With a well-planned promotions calendar, successful marketing is more than an afterthought, and the more...

4 Bookkeeping Tips to Minimize Accounting Headaches

Posted On: May 25, 2017

Bookkeeping is a necessary part of running a small business, and many small business owners must manage this complicated task with little accounting experience. But there are real benefits for small business owners who understand how to manage their business’ accounting. “I didn’t get into business to do bookkeeping,” says Matt Ham, owner of Computer Repair Doctor in New York City....

5 Tools to Help You Take Advantage of Hyperlocal Marketing

Posted On: May 15, 2017

These hyperlocal marketing tools can help you narrow your efforts to maximize your marketing budget and target customers in your own neighborhood. Advertise to only potential clients Geotargeting can focus your paid search and social ads so you’re reaching users within a specific geographic region. “Picking a reasonable radius around your business means you’re only targeting those audience members within the...

How to Get Comfortable with Small Business Finances

Posted On: May 08, 2017

When you start a new business, you kick-start a whole lot of financial and accounting tasks that might be over your head. Keeping up with your business finances can be intimidating and downright frustrating for entrepreneurs who didn’t major in finance. So, how can you get more comfortable with managing your business’ day-to-day financial needs? The good news is there are...

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