Save New Jersey Jobs

Save New Jersey Jobs

Letter from the State Director

Thank all of our members and supporters who joined the campaign against the Constitutional Amendment to raise the minimum wage and mandate an increase every year, automatically, forever.

Unfortunately, on November 5, 2013, the measure passed. NFIB did everything it could to prevent this outcome. We fought the bill every step of the way as it moved through the legislative process, meeting with lawmakers, providing research and making our case in the media. When it reached the ballot NFIB joined with several other business groups to wage an aggressive campaign to educate voters. In the end, it wasn’t enough to overcome strong public opinion in favor of raising the minimum wage.

We think voters who supported this measure will soon regret their decision. Our research predicts a loss of tens of thousands of jobs. Calculate what this mandate increase will cost your business.

It’s a tough break, but you’re tougher. You’ll make the decisions and the sacrifices and the innovations necessary to survive and succeed. Meanwhile, there are other battles to fight and if we win those we can offset the damage that this new law will cause. Read More >>

Gov. Christie Clarifies Minimum Wage Position, Cites NFIB Study:


NJ Jobs Lost by 2023 If Minimum Wage Ballot Question Passes (by Inflation Scenario)

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WMCN’s “Dom Time” Minimum Wage discussion with local business owner


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